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Maybe it was the negative associations I have with potpourri, but I had to scrub Layton off. I lean toward Minimal, realistic, scents like Commes Des garcons Hinoki and Kyoto , and Oud Bergamot by Jo Malone. If you are from the New England area, you will know what I mean when I say this smells exactly like walking into a Christmas Tree Shop. Overly spiced synthetic sweet holiday Potpourri. Again, I gravitate toward fresh clean woody scents so Layton probably never had a chance. I was hoping to find a well balanced fragarance but this one is not for me.
By   - Tempura Enthusiast from TN on 3/25/2021
This a great stepping stone into niche fragrances. It is a really really smooth smell. It’s not jarring at all, not in the opening either. It’s a really nice, sweet, fresh scent. This would be perfect for a museum or a date at the bar. Projection is good, longevity decent. Nothing unique although if you’ve smelled around enough.
By   - Intern from Louisville on 3/18/2021
I definitely pick up on the sandalwood and the patchouli. It's very nice, but it feels like more like a fall/winter fragrance and since I live in the south, we don't get many cold months. The opening is sharp and the dry down is beautiful.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 7/3/2020
It's sad when I hear some people say that Layton smells designer. This is on a whole different level of smell, projection and longevity that a designer fragrance just doesn't have! I hope they never reformulate this one....
By   - Account Services from OMAHA on 4/30/2019
Absolutely Amazing! This is the definition of a fragrance with a Niche quality but a HIGH END designer feel to it. The bottle is amazing, the presentation awesome, and this fragrance can literally be worn FOR ANYTHING! Now of course do i recommend that no i dont but the point is you can there is literally no situation this fragrance doesn't work. If you like compliments and u like a fragrance that performs and last 10+ hours, then this is your guy period.
By   - Sales from fort wayne on 1/11/2018
Luxury in a bottle!!! This is the scent one should wear to special events such as weddings, promotions, and first dates. If you could bottle the scent of winning a championship, this would be it!
By   - Aerospace propulsion engineer from Salt Lake City, UT on 7/2/2017
A winning production with a standout vanilla-cardamom-pepper drydown, this is one of those fragrances with a "phantom" note on me -- this time, a hint of tobacco cozying up to the apple at the heart. Would make a smashing aftershave.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/11/2017
Well done fregrace and love the dry down??
By   - Manager from Laredo on 1/15/2017
Love this one! Received a bunch of samples and so far this is my favorite. So many luscious scents all at once. Though masculine, I feel a female could pull this off. All the accords meld together in a harmonious way - YUM
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 1/14/2017
Great fragrance. Layton to me is very well described by luckyscent, it's definitely masculine, fresh, fruity, ambery, a hint floral..reminds me of something. But this is truly a great all occasion/important event fragrance imo
By   - n/a from sfv, ca on 10/20/2016
By   - Artisan Perfumer from San Antonio on 8/15/2016
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