Parfums de Marly


Eau de Parfum

125ml $310
75ml $215
0.7ml sample $5
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It’s definitely a masculine scent and the longevity on it is nice. Out of all the PDM I sampled this one was my favorite
By   - Occupational therapist  from NY on 6/9/2021
If you like the type of men aquatic fragrances you find by the bucket full at Walgreens or Macy's, then be my guest and get this. Parfums de Marly will be glad you paid $300 for Percival. For me, I'll stay as far as possible of this dreadful run-of-the-mill release. It deserves zero star rating.
By   - teacher from Chicago on 10/8/2018
I'm so surprised to see this marked as only on the slightly masculine side of unisex. It has that strong, unmistakeable coumarin stonk common of a noticeable cologne for men, the kind that lingers well after he's left the building and everyone comments on how much cologne he wore. Lots of citrus up top, with a wagon full of fresh, and aquatic notes in equal measure, obviously with a ton of throw. Just a few drops on a strip burned out my nose for at least an hour, like I had shoved my nose in the armpit of a freshly deodorant-ed man. I suppose it's a very well-composed masculine fragrance, hitting every cologne chord with perfect vigor, and would be perfect for a drag king really looking to sell his act. But please wear sparingly!
By   - Designer from western MA on 9/29/2018
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