Cedrat Boise

Eau de Parfum

Cedrat Boise Sizes Available:
120ml $180
60ml $95
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Cedrat Boise...
I love this fragrance, once it dries it is pure magic
By   - massage therapist from Las Vegas on 1/26/2020
I was looking for an Aventus alternative and read this one a good option. At first spray I liked it. Then after a few minutes it took a cheap and nauseating turn. This fragrance smelled very generic and "cheap" vibe. I couldnt wait to wash it off. Still to this day I am trying to find an Aventus alternative.
By   - medical from Dallas on 8/29/2019
Let me first say that i sampled Cedrat boise and aventus. I liked Cedrat much more and don't regret that decision. When I went back to Germany for Vacation my sister kept spraying on herself she loved it as well. The bottle comes in a little pouch and when you open it all that Fruit hit you right away. Its very potent and bright. It last a long time and its not a skin scent it will project. When i wear this i fell very sexy its a great scent.
By   - bakery manager from calgary on 4/25/2017
Start off nice and citrusy but then dries into something very distinct. This smells like an AXE fragrance (not sure which one) if it was made with expensive ingredients. It takes me back to the middle school lunch room and bus rides homes. A very powerful memory.
By   - University Student from Washington DC on 1/22/2017
This reminds me of Aventus by Creed...but I actually like this more!
By   - GBH from Lancaster on 12/30/2016
Very high quality fragrance. It opens up in kind of fruity and fresh and quickly turn to musky, leathery, vanilla and sweet notes. Great longevity.
By   - Music from Seattle on 11/9/2016
The first minute is the start of what your going to love for hours.There is no bad side to this fragrance.
By   - Bussinesss from New York on 8/4/2016
I became a fan instantly. There is some similarities to a Creed that I like, but holds its own success, very classy and hip and i will definitely use.
By   - Photographer from Dallas on 12/26/2015
Reviewer below is correct re that first uncomfortable minute, but give this one a chance and matters improve vastly. The lemon-blackcurrant theme plays nice with the laundry-white musk, as do all those second-line jasmine-sandalwood-cedar notes, and the result is attractive and balanced. An easygoing smile from that cute guy you see on the elevator at work when it's going to be a good day.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/11/2015
I'm female and this is one of my favorite scents on my husband. Reminds me of Aventus (but nowhere near as smoky) and A*Men Pure Malt (but a little sweeter and more pleasantly woody). It's like a mix of dry fruits and lemon with green, crisp cedar, smooth and dry sandalwood, and a hint of smoky, black leather. Very masculine and attractive, in my opinion.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/11/2015
Definitely masculine. Definitely resembles certain Creeds. Opens with high-pitched bitter citruses, lavender, an aquatic accord, and a hint of nondescript dried fruit. The clean laundry musk is loud and obvious from the start. (Warning: first minute after applying smells like wet house paint.) Patchouli and leather are quiet. A very rejuvenating, bright, warm weather scent.
By   - Pool Tiler from Nowhere on 9/25/2015
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