Canvas Fragrance Primer

Fragrance Primer

by Canvas & Concrete

Canvas Fragrance Primer Sizes Available:
100ml $25
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Here's what other people are saying about Canvas Fragrance Primer...
Product works as advertised. Spray, wait a minute or two then apply your fragrance. Lengthens the projection and silage time.
By   - Retired from Harrisburg, Pa on 2/3/2016
Ok, admittedly, I felt like a complete sucker when I added this to my cart. But because I love Lucky ScentScent Bar and find the descriptions to be consistently spot on, I figured I''d give it a shot. It actually works exactly as promised!!! The fragrance I wear daily generally fades after two hours. Today, I applied it after using the primer and six hours later it smells as if I just applied it. Score! This will become a staple for me. Thank you!
By   - psychologist from Washington DC on 1/22/2016
it works. no need to bore the reader with a lot of clever prose or needless descriptions. simply, spray a light layer of Canvas on the skin (you''ll notice this fragrance kinda like cucumbers or something. this will dissapate in a few may also notice that it has a slightly ''tacky'' feeling to it ), wait about a minute, then apply your fragrance and watch the product work. that''s it.
By   - Medicine from Washington DC on 12/14/2015
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