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We're thrilled to bring a bit of Scent Bar to you in our new Videos section. Over the past months we've added fragrance reviews, tips & tricks, and other fun vids which offer a peek into our world of scent. We'll be adding new videos regularly now, so...

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Etat Libre d'Orange Exit the King reviewed at Scent Bar 2 days ago

A chypre to remember me by. Steve gives us the Breakdown on how this fabulous yet mysterious fragrance captures his imagination..and his nose...differently each wear.

By Kilian Angels's Share 12 days ago

Kathryn loves it, we love it and you should love it. Kilian does oaky, warm sweet booze and serves it up just as you would expect. Here's the breakdown.

A Lab on Fire And the World is Yours 25 days ago

Kahtryn gives us the lowdown on one of her favorites in the gourmand category. Inspired by a 1977 photo of Faye Dunaway who had just won the Oscar for best actress. It just about sums it up...but ...

Zoologist Musk Deer reviewed at Scent Bar 26 days ago

Dana loves the Musk Deer from Zoologist as we celebrate another entry from the famed and esteemed Zoologist. Here's the breakdown...

Serge Lutens de Profundis 2 months ago

Dana walks us through the Scent Bar Breakdown on this unforgettable gothic floral. Here's the breakdown on this pensively

213 Rue St Honoré Candle by Lola James Harper 2 months ago

This fabulous fig candle is an homage to the legendary Parisian shop Colette. It gets the breakdown from Steve for bringing back that first memory of a signature interior scent.

Tom Ford Private Blend Bitter Peach 2 months ago

Dana gives us the breakdown on this sexy, come hither peach gourmand from Tom Ford. She's all in on Bitter Peach...and here's the Scent Bar Breakdown on it.

Against Nature by Timothy Han Edition Perfumes 2 months ago

Steve gives us the Scent Bar Breakdown on this incredibly innovative and alluring fragrance based on an the 1884 novel of the same name by Joris-Karl Huysmans. A wildly unique fragrance which is not ...

Arso by Profumum 3 months ago

Steve runs down this piney, smokey and unisexy/masculine gem from Italy's own of our favorite brands. Here's the Scent Bar Breakdown.

Roxo Tonic by Les Bains Guerbois 3 months ago

Dana breaks down this mood lifter from the namesake of the famous Parisian hotel Les Bains Guerbois. Roxo tonic, let's be honest, tibes us this footloose and fancy free boozy vibe that will take you ...

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