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We're thrilled to bring a bit of Scent Bar to you in our new Videos section. Over the past months we've added fragrance reviews, tips & tricks, and other fun vids which offer a peek into our world of scent. We'll be adding new videos regularly now, so...

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Eleventh Hour by Byredo reviewed at Scent Bar DTLA 14 days ago

Steve takes us through Byredo Eleventh Hour which introduces an entirely new spicy, almost clove-like zing to an otherwise warm and comforting fragrance. Particularly good for cold weather, but still ...

Heeley - Sel Marin Eau de Parfum 2 months ago

Steve gives us the breakdown on a summer favorite (or any warm weather friend) Sel Marin, a transparent, natural sea-air fragrance that delivers every time.

Serge Lutens - Dent de Lait Eau de Parfum 2 months ago

Rachel is taken back to her childhood in a surprisingly emotional fragrance which proves to be an extremely creamy, smooth and ultimately reassuring gourmand from Serge Lutens. Imbued with a sense of ...

Imaginary Authors - Sundrunk Eau de Parfum 2 months ago

Rachel is smitten with this summer classic. A thirst-quenching combination of shimmering orange, smooth florals and tantalizingly tart rhubarb, Sundrunk will help you while away the hours on the ...

Diptyque - Philosykos 2 months ago

Steve takes us through the origin of a classic fig perfume by Diptyque. Olivia Giacobetti's famed Philosykos by Diptyque. Try a sample at

Parfums de Nicolai - Fig Tea Eau de Toilette 2 months ago

Rachel takes us into the world of Fig, where she found a lovely iteration by Patricia Nicolai which runs slightly counter to some of the more traditional figs you may know. Fig Tea by Parfums de ...

Nobile 1942 - La Danza Delle Libellule Eau de Parfum 3 months ago

When you want a delicate, comforting and soothing gourmand...La Danza delle Libellule is just what you need. Give yourself a hug with this apple, slightly floral...mouthwatering scent by Nobile ...

Floris London - JF Eau de Toilette 3 months ago

Steve takes us through his education of all things JF by Floris. A classic fougère with an inescapable attraction. Wear it anywhere with anything, but always feel like a gentleman.

Kemi - ILM Parfum 3 months ago

Steve talks all things Oud...including the remarkable ILM by Kemi.

Montale - Vanilla Cake Eau de Parfum 3 months ago

Fan of gourmands? Well Steve's got the one for you with a capital G. Creamy, milky...almost buttery sweet, Vanilla Cake is one of the finest in this most delectable of categories. A departure from ...

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