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We're thrilled to bring a bit of Scent Bar to you in our new Videos section. Over the past months we've added fragrance reviews, tips & tricks, and other fun vids which offer a peek into our world of scent. We'll be adding new videos regularly now, so...

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Against Nature by Timothy Han Edition Perfumes 17 days ago

Steve gives us the Scent Bar Breakdown on this incredibly innovative and alluring fragrance based on an the 1884 novel of the same name by Joris-Karl Huysmans. A wildly unique fragrance which is not ...

Arso by Profumum one month ago

Steve runs down this piney, smokey and unisexy/masculine gem from Italy's own of our favorite brands. Here's the Scent Bar Breakdown.

Roxo Tonic by Les Bains Guerbois one month ago

Dana breaks down this mood lifter from the namesake of the famous Parisian hotel Les Bains Guerbois. Roxo tonic, let's be honest, tibes us this footloose and fancy free boozy vibe that will take you ...

Il Tempo Delle Mele by Hilde Soliani 2 months ago

Get your apple cake on with this Scent Bar Breakdown. The iconic perfumer, Hilde Soliani mastery of all things gourmand continues as Dana takes us through Il Tempo delle Mele. It's apple time!

Kashan Rose by The Different Company 2 months ago

Dana's got you covered on the eminently wearable rose perfume that is easy and fresh. Here's the Scent Bar Breakdown on Kashan Rose.

Lavande Romaine by Perris Monte Carlo 2 months ago

Steve gives us the Scent Bar Breakdown on this fabulous Eau de Cologne type fragrance from master perfumer Jean Claude Ellena. Light, restrained and perfectly elegant execution of one of perfumery's ...

Borneo Oud by Fragrance du Bois 3 months ago

An oud worthy of a collector. Steve's Scent Bar Breakdown gives us this amazingly pure true oud for the ages.

What About Pop by The House Of Oud 3 months ago

Kathryn walks us through this sweet gourmand by The House of Oud which offers up a nutty/salty caramel corn that dries into a smooth and woodsy vanilla.

Akro Awake 3 months ago

Kathryn loves this awesome coffee scent- intense with roasted espresso, spice, acid, earth, sweetness. Fun, delicious and eminently worthy of the Scent Bar Breakdown.

Arborist by Jorum Studio 3 months ago

Dana loves being whisked away to Scottish woodland through this phenomenal brand's Arborist. Find out more in her Scent Bar Breakdown.

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