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What I Did on My Holidays

Eau de Parfum

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Smells like Bath and Body Works coconut lime verbena!! But more expensive. You can definitely smell the peppermint, not overpowering, you can just smell it in the background of the suntan lotion and sea smells. The peppermint comes in stronger after a while. Then the vanilla mingles with the sun tan lotion, until it turns into a peppermint vanilla. In warmer weather, the sun tan lotion stays for a while and mingles with the vanilla and peppermint. A really lovely scent.
By   - EA from OC on 7/17/2021
Smells just like B&BW Coconut Lime Verbena on me. I happen to like that scent, and it does last a long time.
By   - Business from Pittsburgh on 10/10/2017
OK, I'm back to update! I wasn't sure about this fragrance initially but it grew on me as I sampled it. I always thought it was lovely but just wasn't sure it was for me. Well I bought a full bottle and don't regret it at all - I am mnow IN LOVE with this fragrance! I've tried a few fragrances from this house and wasn't impressed but this, THIS is magnificent. I always get compliments when I wear it. It's initially strong but it mellows after about 30 mins. Staying power is good - I've been wearing it for 6 hrs today and I can still smell it a couple of inches away from my wrist.
By   - IT Nerd from Texas on 2/16/2017
Really on the fence with this one. I get a lot of fig for some reason!? Then a suntan lotion smell and it's strong! Not the typical coconut based suntan lotion smell though. Not a hint of coconut here. Its a pleasant scent but i just don't know if I want to smell like suntan lotion to be honest.
By   - Nerd from Texas on 1/27/2017
Oh, how glorious! I did not care for another 4160 Tuesday scent I sampled but this is everything it's described as and just a real pleasure. I'm getting the soft peppermint and the coconut suntan lotion in a gorgeous, complementary pair. Just dreamy. I do not typically appreciate at all scents with notes like this candy floss or a lot of really sweet vanilla but these don't overpower. They just let you take in the whole holiday on the boardwalk experience. Really, really lovely. What a treat!
By   - from Indianapolis on 8/7/2015
This was a nice surprise. I was expecting sugar overload but found a nice sweet coconut-vanilla with a hint of mint and just enough calone to make it feel beachy (no super melon here). It doesn't seem to have the best longevity for me, maybe 4 hours, but I don't mind reapplying. Sillage is quite close.
By   - from Austin on 7/18/2014
This scent has definitely piqued my curiosity for the rest of the 4160 Tuesdays line! The opening is pleasantly green and minty, with an underlying smooth, lightly creamy sweetness. The fresher notes dissipate after a little while, and the scent morphs as if telling a story. I'm not sure how suntan lotion was interpreted without using coconut (or at least without featuring it prominently enough to really pick out), but it's happening and it's very successful! Later still, the afterglow of the perfume is primarily the simple vanilla cotton candy accord, unapologetically sweet with a delicate soft touch. Fun, warmly happy, fresh and creamy. Love the scent memories!
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 6/6/2014
This scent definately smells like vacation! The scent of suntan lotion is what I might consider the base. It's very light and creamy, and I would consider it very feminine. I imagine wearing this at the beach in my bikini!
By   - from Laramie on 5/5/2014
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