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The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO)

Eau de Parfum

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Wow! I tried the sample just now and immediately had to sit down and write a review. It smells citrusy and vanilla and creamy. I just hope it last a long time because that is my problem with my past perfumes.
By   - RN from Las Vegas on 1/23/2021
Sample has to be exceptionally bad for me to scrub it. I’ve gotten, perhaps 30? samples in the last year from Lucky Scent. Found some FB worthy, many ok but not for me where I passed samples along but this - oh my. Are you old enough to remember the rubber rafts with canvas covered ends that you could count on for years of use in heavy waves? Imagine it sitting in the sun and then spraying it with insecticide to stop the mosquitoes and/or green heads (if you remember those rafts, you might also know of those vicious little beasts.) Anyway, yeah, a total scrubber for me. Tried it twice about 2 weeks apart just to make sure because it was so far off the reviews. First time, I gave it an hour before scrubbing. This time, I gave it 5 mins.
By   - Artist from York on 10/1/2020
This scent is a dream! I mix it with Tauer's Wowilla Body Oil and every where I go people ask me what I'm wearing. It has a gourmand sweet and lemony scent but with out being childish. The usual comment is : What smells so good? It's been described as Lemon Merengue Pie by other reviewers but it's more like very sexy lemon souffle with rum and musk.
By   - Mom from Boca Raton on 11/3/2019
Am I the only one that smells root beer? This one did not do it for me at all, unfortunately.
By   - Accountant from Hudson on 2/22/2019
I was so pleased with Eau my Soul that I wanted to try more-- pretty disappointed with this one however. Very light notes of vanilla and marshmallow fade quickly. Nice but hardly worth it.
By   - retired from MOUNT AUKUM on 4/9/2018
This one is a warm blanket of milk chocolate and marshmallow, washed over a subtle hint of sexuality.
By   - Boring Professional  from D.C. on 3/17/2018
An initial blast of vanilla and citrusy bergamot add up to lemon meringue pie, which would be appealing to others in and of itself, but then it settles down with the addition of the woody "cat-nip for people" ISO E Super, which in actuality smells like cedar, but takes on the smell of basically whatever you're most drawn too. It sneaks on up you-initially as a light citrusy vanilla which smells good, but doesn't merit backflips, and then suddenly it smells like your happiest memory. Dangerous in a good way. Too fleeting is the only drawback.
By   - Grad student/writer from Los Angeles on 2/13/2017
This scent was not at all what I was expecting, but I like it even more than I expected to! I wouldn't call it a "sexy" scent, but it's definitely a new favorite. It smells like clean, smoky sage (if that makes any sense). Mysterious, but without reminding one of a smelly hippie or a teenage witch. I'll be ordering a full-sized bottle!
By   - Student from Houston on 11/20/2016
I have a horrible aversion to ISO E Super. Unfortunately, this is loaded with it, to my great disappointment because I did actually like the notes at first. I tried a tiny dab one evening after receiving the sample, and loved the transformation from woodsy accords to something lemony and sweet. So, the next day, I thought I'd give it another chance and doused my pulse points with a more generous amount. Oh. No. I had an immediate and excruciating headache that lasted for several days; and a sensitivity to any strong scents of any stripe. I've recovered and can continue my love affair with other perfumes, but will be keeping my distance from this one and all others full of ISO E. If you're sensitive to the chemical, do not purchase.
By   - Illustrator from Atlanta on 8/10/2016
I received this as a sample, and, it is really a hit for me. It started out a little smokey (but not harsh), which --for me-- is part of the appeal and is snuggly, cozy and warm with just something sweet going on, but not too much. I can imagine it could easily become overpowering if applied heavy handed. After a while, it takes an modest, unassuming presence that is best admired close up.
By   - Tenant on Earth from Wash, DC on 7/15/2016
I was hoping to find a replacement perfume for Profumi di Pantelleria: Dammuso which Luckyscent no longer does - boo (a gorgeous scent). Whilst this doesn't smell like Dammuso it does have the same effect - not sure if you like it at first, then wow, then back and forth a few times before you decide you do like it. The vanilla notes come through, as does the musk and wood.
By   - Businesswoman from Oxford, UK on 1/22/2016
SERIOUSLY??!! This is, in MY honest opinion, a complete and total rip-off!! Don't know what had come over me, but I oh-so-foolishly dove in head first for a FB. A horrid, cheap-smelling, bordering on rancid-smelling fake vanilla stench. Only positive feature of this odor is that it faded quickly. Not fast enough to suit me!!!
By   - RN from Smellington, CT on 3/7/2015
Am I the only one finding the house to be incredibly derivative, particularly for one claiming to be so quirky? The descriptions have sounded so intriguing, so I ordered lots of samples, but thus far in my exploration: The Sexiest Scent on the Planet smells basically exactly like a very light sillage version of Serge Lutens Chergui. And Who Knew? is, again, a very light sillage version of Washington Tremlett's Bowtie. Don't get me wrong: I love both Chergui and Bowtie, and own full bottles of both, but...it sure would be nice to find something that smelled as poetic and original as the marketing copy for this line.
By   - from DC on 1/25/2015
I purchased this because of a you tube review that likened it to a fruity version of Molecule 01. I adore Molecule 01, but this, in my opinion, is in no way similar to that scent. It does, however, bear a real likeness to the more mainstream Lolita Lempicka "L", which is a sweet, vanilla-ish fragrance, with a slightly salty edge. It's nice, but not what I had hoped for. My love affair with Molecule 01 continues.....
By   - teacher on 11/1/2014
Help! This IS a very sexy, orange dreamsicle-like scent. Unfortunately, the staying power on me was virtually zero!!! It's a beautiful fragrance (I bought a fb) but it just has no staying power on me. Can anyone suggest something similar with a greater staying power??? I'm soooo disappointed!
By   - Court reporter from New Orleans on 10/30/2014
Out of my many fragrances, I can say that this has become my favorite. It is quite addictive, unique, and definitely sexy. It wears rather close to the skin and staying power is about four hours. It is an intimate scent for the enjoyment of the wearer and intimate other. It would be nice to be able to get the 100ml bottle in the U.S.......
By   - from Louisville on 9/8/2014
A scrubber, unfortunately. Perhaps it's the ambergris, but I got a sour gasoline-like stab floating on the okay but meek vanilla-y vibe with every sniff. Oh well.
By   - Writer from Boston on 5/5/2014
This smells like pure magic. I've never smelled anything quite like it, but cannot stop sniffing myself while wearing it. It really is the sexiest scent on the planet. ever. (imho). Signature scent for sure.
By   - from Atlanta on 4/18/2014
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