Sarah McCartney

Country: United Kingdom

When a perfumer is described as “self-taught,” that usually just means that they experimented with oils on their own before quitting some other career and shuffling off to Grasse or Paris for a later-life back-to-school. In Sarah McCartney’s case, however, “self-taught” really means just that: as a luxury copywriter, Sarah started reading books and instruction manuals to give herself more background on the perfumes she was writing about, and found herself captivated. While taking time off from her job to work on a novel featuring a character who creates perfumes, McCartney found herself compelled to create the scents she had invented for the novel, and the result was her independent 4160 Tuesdays line, a wholly original collection of whimsical, great-smelling scents completely unbeholden to the rules and regulations of classical perfumery.

Sarah McCartney perfumer image
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