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Balance, unbelievable balance. The whole is always greater than the individual parts combined, but here especially. The description here is on point. It opens like a gourmand, which I generally find repulsive, but everything in the middle to end of this fragrance undermines that and points you on a completely different path. It's truly fantastic.
By   - q grader from Philadelphia on 10/25/2018
I think the description is somewhat misleading here at Luckyscent: it describes the oud as being in the "background," which to me implies it's muted in favor of the other notes. While there is a lot going on here, I don't think the traditional top-bottom description of notes works for it- to me, what makes Oud Immortel so good is that every component works to emphasize the oud somehow. The limoncello, for example, isn't there to disguise anything; rather, it compliments the oud's sharp medicinal aspect excellently. The patchouli, woods, and incense do the same with the oud's deeper component. I still haven't plunked down for a bottle of this yet, but I get samples as often as I can just to keep smelling it.
By   - - from - on 1/1/2017
Great scent, I would buy a full bottle, if i could afford it. One of the best Oud scents out there. It is refined and masculine.
By   - Uber driver from Fort Lauderdale on 12/6/2016
I've been hunting an Oud I can love and live with for about a year now, and I found it in this. It's simply (complexly?) the most beautiful Oud I have ever smelled or worn. It doesn't have the down and dirty Oud scent most of them have, it's alive and warm and sexy, begs a closer encounter. I don't know how smoke and patchouli can be barely there, yet so solid, but Byredo did it. I can see wearing this long after the Oud craze is done. It is genuinely unisex, gorgeous on a woman, but a man wearing this would make my knees weak. It is deeply sensual.
By  on 10/22/2014
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