Orto Parisi



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Pronounced and strong spicy mint with a small stance of vetiver. This is a fragrance I do not see to be resembled through another artist in fragrance. I am a chief officer and recognize individuals to have a sincere appreciation for a scent that can carry and hold their own. Orto Parisi needs more recognition.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 5/27/2020
Orto Parisi never fails to impress. I'm not a fan of citrus which makes finding a summer fragrance difficult. Viride is perfect for warm weather. Light but smooth in a way that's perfect for someone who doesn't venture outside of woods/spices.
By   - writer from boston on 7/30/2016
Beautiful scent and lasts for long hours , I like it .
By   - from Kuwait on 3/21/2015
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