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This was a difficult scent for me to come to a conclusion on. I tried my best to become a fan yet it seems as if the makers tried a bit too hard. I discovered a more cocoa and fruity aroma which didn't combine well.
By   - Sales Exec from Minneapolis on 4/13/2020
This is the only cocoa scent that smells genuine on my skin. Everything else I've tried smells synthetic. I had pretty much given up hope on cocoa and chocolate, and was actually curious about this because of the tobacco and whiskey. I was so surprised when this opened up with real cocoa, and it stayed for quite some time with the other delicious notes. This is amazing, cozy, and warm.
By   - Student from Nashville on 12/24/2017
Whoa this is a very strong scent of some type of wax when you first spray and it is very potent! Then it drys down to an old Library/ or warehouse smell with in a half an hour. Then the final scent on my skin is a little chocolate, more of the tobacco and vanilla with some sandalwood. This is something I will have to get use to because it's a fragrance in my opinion that is meant for a man not unisex at all. I may end up giving it away for a gift! You only need to spray a little of this or it will make you sick and probably be offensive to others!
By   - FUEL CONSULTANT from ATLANTA on 10/24/2017
I bought this perfume because I wanted to smell like a jazz club, and it did not disappoint. It's a bit dirty and gritty, but the gourmand base balances it out. I love to wear it out to dance all night long to live blues music. In addition, I once dated a man who was highly sensitive to perfumes, but this one gave him no issues. Quite the contrary, he loved it! I've only bought samples of this over the years but it may be time to commit to a full bottle.
By   - Designer from Charlotte, NC on 10/17/2017
Oh my! Just when I thought I wasn't going to add to my fragrance collection. It's powdered cocoa, vanilla, caramel, whisky and liquid smoke blended to perfection. I will be dipped in Ore this holiday season.
By   - Retired Legal Professional  from Washington DC on 9/8/2017
On me, this is a gorgeous gourmand. It opens with a rich raw cocoa, then blooms and warms into a boozy, woody caramel. An astringent oregano surfaces now and then, flickering and keeping things from being sticky sweet. On my male partner, Ore changes character. It's a smoky wood with almost pipe-tobacco sweetness - a bit one-dimensional. I adore Ore, but suggest a sample first. If you share my partner's body chemistry, you may not want to smell like your grandfather's den.
By   - Academic from Tempe, AZ on 2/23/2017
Ore is a fabulous, resinous wood fragrance. There is a lot going on in Ore, but ultimately, it smells to me of lacquered woods with a booziness around the edges. I love this fragrance and I'm proud to have it in my collection. Another masterpiece from Josh Lobb, and my favorite after his best ever fragrance, the mighty Norne!
By   - Corporate America from S.F. on 1/25/2017
This stuff is amazing. I ordered it purely out of curiosity because I really liked Pear and Olive (I typically prefer fresher frags), and, once I tried this, I have not been able to enjoy any other perfumes. Seriously, it is so alluring to me: warm, sweet, boozy, and woody all at once -- like the patchouli fragrance I never even knew I was looking for! Fantastic longevity and sillage. I am a female, by the way; I do not find this to be too masculine (though I'd love to smell it on a guy!).
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 2/4/2016
Manages to pull together a number of disparate elements into a rich, comforting, masculine whole. One of my favorite fragrances.
By   - Project Manager from Goleta on 1/28/2016
I did not care for the cocoa -caramel interpretation at all! Interestingly, after I scrubbed if off with soap, there was a tenacious oak and guaiac base that lingered for some time that I enjoyed very much. I would suggest first trying this scent out very sparingly!
By   - from California on 9/9/2014
A Very NICE dry chocolate based perfume! like a improved version of CSP Amour de Cacao.
By   - from Midwest on 4/12/2014
Slumberhouse is a neat fragrance concept,maybe the elitist folks perfume shopping disagree...ore is a nice aroma,warm,not too sweet,and unique...a tad bit pricey though.
By   - perfume lover from midwest on 9/4/2013
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