Parfum Extrait

by Slumberhouse

Kiste Sizes Available:
30ml $160
0.7ml sample $6
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Oh first I thought that this was a scent that was beyond gorgeous but something I'd get for my man instead of myself. And this would absolutely work on a man. I'd follow a man wearing this to figure out what it was. But it also warmed, mellowed and sweetened up just enough that it didn't seem at all out of place on my skin like some masculine scents do. I'd still probably buy it for my man, but every so often I'd have to steal a spritz for myself. It's just that good.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/8/2019
Black peach tea, an incense smokiness and a sugary resinous. Great projection, leans Homme. Slumberhouse makes top shelf stuff and while I attempt to find something to critique I am at a loss.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 10/31/2019
This is fabulous. I really love the peach note that sings through. It's not at all the typical, overly sweet thing that others employ. Instead, it's a perfectly baked, ripe, southern peach that's both sweet and tart with just the right balance...and expertly spiked with bourbon and a little spice. Maybe a tad bit more tart than sweet, which is just the way it should be. Exceptional and worthy of a full bottle.
By   - Student from Nashville on 12/24/2017
A little opposite of most, when I put it on I was IN LOVE. Best smell ever. It was before I went to bed. I smelled it all night, in my sleep. Close to morning I started to smell a little too much like ... civet? I realized that I had put on some lotion that has a faint scent. Maybe a slightly unfortunate blend? I would like to give this 5 stars, buy it and wear it every night (not a daytime scent for me) but I will have to give it another try first. I'm looking forward to it.
By   - Farmer from The Farmland on 12/9/2017
After purchasing 17 samples, I am taken by the Slumberhouse Kiste Extrait Parfum. This is one mysteriously crafted potion. Notes of well aged bourbon, found only in the back streets of Charleston or Savannah, sweet tea, peach syrup, incense/firewood elixir & a mystery element I can't quite place... Kiste is an addicting elixir summoning very fine memories and places I have been...Conjures that rare feeling "Ive been here before" yet haven't... Yes, I will be purchasing the Alice in Wonderland ticket thank you very much : ~ )
By   - Personal Assistant/Property Acquisitions  from Orange County to Banning, CA on 9/20/2017
Honestly, I hate to love this fragrance. It reminds me of "chew tobacco" mixed with peach syrup, bourbon, liquid smoke and lots of honey. Just a few dabs and I'm transported to a very dark room, smoking a full bodied cigar, drinking bourbon, and eating peach cobbler (LOL). This fragrance is sexy, dark, mysterious and I hate to love it! Kiste and Ore will be purchased
By   - Retired Legal Professional from Washington DC on 9/8/2017
Two words: SEXY BEAST.
By   - Concierge from St Louis on 6/11/2017
Yummy, I purchases a sample of this last year and wore it in Vegas, still remember how many compliments I received. Gearing up for my next trip this time taking the whole bottle to wear it every night!, This fragrance lasted all day and night, could even smell it on my skin the next morning. Such an unusual, warm, but slightly bourbany sweet, fantastic!,
By   - Techie nerd hearder  from San Antonio on 10/21/2016
This is a seductive and beautiful fragrance. I'm on the fence as to whether it could be considered masculine enough for a man to wear, but I'll try and see what friends think. It's a boozy peach, very clear on top and at heart. Like a fruity Memoir Man. It's rich and buttery and, though no one mentions it, tip toeing into gourmand territory. I'm not to the base yet, but get a light sense of wood and a freshness reminiscent of coumarin. It is a great scent, juries out on whether it's unisex.
By   - Office from Minneapolis on 10/8/2016
Kiste is creepy weird candy. Highly original. 5 FANTASTIC STARS!
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 9/20/2016
Trust the description...this is a big boozy peachy tobacco dream on a sweltering afternoon, when the fan turns just enough to keep you alive as you nap, drifting in and out of consciousness. Love this scent.
By   - Sample Tester from Pasadena on 8/26/2016
This is a hard one, first smell was not love for me at all. My first thought was boy, I should have not gone in blind on this one. Then it sat on my skin and it became warm, almost manly smelling and then a boozy sweet, peach smell came through. I figured I just might like this , it's out of my usual comfort zone for a fragrance , worth the buy and very happy I got it.
By   - Sales from Calgary AB on 6/8/2016
This perfume is so unexpected, and like nothing I have ever experienced before. When I opened my sample, bourbon was my first thought. That smell mellows over time. This is so complex, so intriguing, and evocative. I live in the Deep South, and this perfume to me is a steamy, rich, sexy night out where anything can happen.
By   - Attorney from Hammond, LA on 3/17/2016
When I first tried on the sample, I wasn't impressed, but it has worn well through the day, the finish is really wonderful and lingering and has finally captivated me. The sophistication and complexity reminds me of Bond Number 9 Chinatown...but its less floral...but in the same family. The vanilla and tobacco make it like Chinatown's wicked sister.
By   - Therapist from Franklin, TN on 1/22/2016
Succulent and sweet, yet strangely dirty
By   - Engineer from California on 1/20/2016
The first thing I noticed: the whole mixture is seated on a diluted patchouly base. A whiskey quality appears, beautifully oaky and woody, like the profound oakiness of SL CHENE. The peach emerges, and it's exquisite: both floral and berrylike in its jamminess, reminding one of the stone-fruit notes in NOIR EPICES. A smoldering campfire base that reminds one of a Tauer. The ice tea note is reassuring. Few modern fragrances are blended this seamlessly, this exquisitely. Fabulous unisex fruity!
By   - digital artist from boerne, texas on 1/7/2016
I didn;t like this at first, but on giving it a second chance, it's actually really nice. Definitely sweet, but with a little tobacco or smoky something to give it a nice heft. It's unusual – pretty and strong.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 12/17/2015
Sweet tea, peach, and a fine bourbon whiskey. It's absolutely delicious!
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 11/10/2015
Vaulted into one of my top sexy scents. Peach and syrup blend with a little naughty tobacco thrown in. A masterful creation from a niche house that is not afraid to take risks.
By   - Professional from Sisters on 11/7/2015
Rather sweet smelling; should be far left over on the "feminine" scale.
By  on 5/30/2015
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