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The start was a bit fruity yet the dry down is gorgeous. It turns to a vanilla cigar. I will not be buying as I desire more spice and smoke.
By   - Sales Executive from Minnesota on 6/6/2020
I just got a bottle of the newest batch (11/2019) of Jeke in the post from Luckyscent. It smells different from my glass and pewter flask bottle of Jeke (2017?) There is a pronounced incense (think The “midnight” version of nag champa) basenote in the mix this batch around. It still has that bright bourbon/tobacco/cedar snap—Jeke fans won’t be dissapointed—but the incense that emerges shortly into dry-down rounds things out and gives it a deeper “ughmpghghph” in my opinion (that’s a technical term). I still have quite a bit of the old bottle, and I feel like I now have two versions of a very special scent.
By   - Nonprofit data stuff from Chicago on 12/2/2019
This smells the way an old fashioned tastes. That warm slightly woody-smoky, spicy bourbon quality with a hint of sweet inflection. Immediately when I put it on my wrists I thought: Oh, this is a rugged manly man kind of scent. It's warm and inviting, but not for the faint of heart. It's not a cozy introvert of a scent. Remember the affable, but rugged and lonely logging brothers from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? At least, I think they were loggers. This is definitely the scent those brothers wear. On my skin it's a charming rogue. And it's well balanced. In this scent everything sings together -- at least on my skin.
By   - Does it matter? from Northwest on 11/9/2019
Out of all the tobacco/smoky fragrances I have sampled recently, Jeke is definitely the most intriguing and memorable. In my opinion, it is the purest tobacco out of the half dozen or so I have worn over the last few weeks and months. Even though it is very strong and it may be off-putting to some for the first thirty minutes before the dry down, it is definitely full bottle worthy for those of us who love tobacco fragrances.
By   - Writer from San Diego on 1/20/2016
After some wearing time,I wish to revise my previous review from 4 stars to.... 4 STARS. Jeke gets 3 stars because as brilliant as it is, it is just too intensely up in your face for most real-world situations. Sillage? Think Thor's hammer. One spritz of this stuff is an act of aggression. BUT... 5 stars, because when I wear this Mrs. BassMent pretty much wants to eat me alive. She says, "the ultimate pancake breakfast smeared on a he-man." All I know is that I'm exhausted... in a good way.
By   - Project Manager and bass guitarist from Providence on 10/5/2015
I gave Norne kind of a middling review, because I was impressed with Slumberhouse's ability to nail the smell of a Pacific Northwest conifer forest, but couldn't figure out who would really want to walk around smelling like that. With Jeke, I think they've created a fragrance that, while still up in your face, is somehow less odd than Norne. This is a sweet, incensey tobacco fragrance, that balances dry cedar with warm caramel sauce and a bit of morning-after-campfire. Sexy. Powerful. MALE.
By   - Office monkey from Providence on 9/3/2015
Another five star creation from Slumberhouse. This has the same signature smoke note from Norne, but instead of a pine forest, you're inside a high-end tobacconist's. Bought the bottle.
By  on 2/13/2015
Wanted to like this .The LS description left out the fact that the overpowering smoke leaves the rest of the notes completely irrelevant.This stuff really smells like the Schmitz I. The bottom of an old wood stove.Nasty,certainly don't want to even be around this .
By  on 9/5/2014
Heavy scent recalling some early Tauer compositions, notably Lonestar Memories. Like that perfume, it is spoilt by a jarring note of birch tar.
By   - Retired doctor on 8/1/2014
Jeke is among the best things I've ever sniffed in my life. I bought a bottle just to be able to smell it whenever I want. Hubby will wear it if I ask, but his favorite is Norne, another marvel from the same house.
By   - Author on 3/5/2014
WOW ! A heavy dry bitter cigar tobacco. Authentic as all heck and smells like a GOOD QUALITY CIGAR....with smoke and incense. linear but softens up a little. Retains the strong character of the opening throughout the life of the fragrance. Finally a tobacco fragrance for a grown man without the sickly vanilla cherries and other garbage found in mainstream tobacco fragrances today. You must have back hair a gut and a super thick dive watch to wear this thing :) Recommended for guys 50 and over. Your wife or girlfriend will either love it or hate it to death. Alpha Male "smell my manliness" right in your face with no regrets. I had to buy this. EXTRAIT for $125. THANK YOU.
By   - Freelancer from NYC on 9/19/2013
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