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This is my absolute favorite perfume. I get the dark forest with fog feel, with some smoke from a campfire. Contrary to other reviews I find this to be extremely wearable and enjoyable. It begins with the bracing dark green, herbal, forest-vibe, that is strong but wonderful at the same time. I personally also get a root beer/cola/dandelion and burdock along with the forest elements. I love this and will enjoy it throughout the cold months. It projects strongly for the first hour or so, then settles down somewhat. Yet, it also suddenly comes back stronger again at times, must be as it reacts to body temperature. It has lasted 10 hours on me so far, and is still going! Utterly unique experience.
By   - Pastor from London on 1/6/2021
It’s the mid-90s. Someone takes a 1970s copy of the first “Lord of The Rings” out from their local library. They take it on a camping trip to the Pacific Northwest. There’s a big bonfire one night and the corner of the book gets singed. They’re high, and forget the book and it sits in the woods for years. Someone finds the remains of it two decades later and steeps it in perfumer’s alcohol. Norne is born.
By   - Chef from Brooklyn on 1/5/2021
I got a sample of this scent and y'all, this is sexy campfire. It reminds me of taking swigs of rum and smoking clove cigarettes at a friend's bonfire party on a chilly fall night when I was in college, but also more grown up than that somehow. It's so unique, but I really like it. I bet it would make a fantastic candle too.
By   - editor from washington dc on 1/8/2020
Overall, Norne immediately brings back fond memories of camping when I was a teenager. It also smells like raw CBD concentrate oil and cloves. I do like this scent though. Quite interesting.
By   - Photographer from Brooklyn, NY on 4/6/2018
"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."
By   - Perfume junkie from Santa Cruz on 3/21/2018
Not at all what I expected. I was anticipating being slapped in the face by pine branches and pelted with pine cones, which would have been fine... Instead, I got a strong candle scent. It's interesting, but not overly appealing to me. I will try to find a way to wear it,. I really wish I'd had the true pine forest experience described in other reviews. You win some, you lose some.
By   - Student from Nashville on 1/4/2018
One of my goals in life is to smell like a forest, so this perfume is a dream come true. It's like walking through the darkest part of the forest on a carpet of soft moss, losing yourself in a cathedral of fir, black spruce, and hemlock. The rich incense of rotting leaves wafts up to you from the forest floor, and you can almost smell the warm memory of sunlight in its spice. Draped over everything is a silvery mist, subtle and divine, lending the entire fragrance a ethereal and mystic air. This is truly a scent for a Norn, the fates of Norse mythology, as they peer into the Well of Urðr at the foot of Yggrdrasil, whose branches reach to the heavens and roots spread down to three sacred wells/springs.
By   - Writer from Greensboro, NC on 12/14/2017
Norne is all base notes, which leaves it feeling flat, but if you want to smell like you've been camping in the heart of the Adirondacks and ran smack into a pine tree, this is the scent for you. Once it settled on my skin it smelled exactly like pine resin, birch tar, oak moss, and frankincense. It was much less interesting than I expected. In fact, if you purchased those absolutes and mixed them yourself, you'd end up with basically the same thing.
By   - Art Director from New York on 7/10/2017
This is unquestionably a masterpiece. Not for everyone and not for the faint hearted. A beautiful dark resinous natural incense that reminds you of your darkest most decadent thoughts, this beauty opens with a strong fir and moss smell and dries down to a beautiful incense. Very few perfumes have moved me like this one. I am thus compelled to write this first Luckyscent review.
By   - Profesor from Charlottesville, VA on 7/5/2017
Based on the 5-star review I gave this another chance. On 2nd try, and a much lighter dose, I can kinda see what the ppl who like it like. It's a true pine-y scent, but with a big frankincense? that takes up the whole bottom half of this fragrance and puts it over the cliff for me personally, but def makes a powerful statement. And that whole thing sticks like glue. Still nasty IMO, still unwearable, but as fragrance art, I can appreciate it...from a far distance.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 3/28/2017
Norne is spectacular. It has the power to transport you to places of pristine beauty all through your sense of smell. I am a conifer junkie, and this fragrance is indeed special. It is sticky and strong, just like the fir trees that gave birth to it's scent. If you don't like strong coniferous, forest smells, then you probably won't like Norne. I however, love those scents...they are my personal favorites, so of course, Norne will always be in my rotation. Bravo, Josh Lobb and Slumberhouse with this brilliant creation...the mighty NORNE!
By   - Corporate America from S.F. on 1/25/2017
Definitely agree with burnt-lumber opening, but then it sits in an unpleasantly heavy, tar-like place. Grotesque, really. Lacking the "pickle" smell that so much of Slumberhouse seems to have, but thoroughly disgusting anyway, I can't even call this perfume, it's just really unpleasant. A perfume you really hope no one else notices you wearing.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 8/15/2016
The first few minutes of this one were a rare get-it-off-me situation, with a heavy burnt-processed-lumber note that genuinely hurt my feelings. For you, dear reader, I toughed it out, and the scent has opened up nicely -- fern, lichen, hemlock, fir (not pine, thanks!), smoke, and yes, a note similar to the heavy fog we get in our forests up here. Also a note of wet gravel, which I assume is an in-joke for the locals. (Can confirm.) One star docked for that opening assault, but very well done.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/12/2016
A dark haunted forest...with a slight stench from a witch's brew. I adore this one!
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 11/10/2015
I live in a cabin in the woods in the Deschutes National Forest. When I walk outside I smell a glorious co-mingling of trees and earth. Norne is that smell. My search for the perfect forest scent has ended. Outstanding.
By   - Professional from Sisters on 11/7/2015
I love this fragrance! Dark and deep. Foggy and foresty. It makes me happy.
By   - CSA from Dallas on 6/4/2015
Wonderful scent. Like being around a campfire in the middle of a pine forest. This is not a hint of pine and smoke. This is a huge blast of both. As soon as I smelled the sample I bought the full bottle. Really amazing.
By  on 12/2/2014
I'm sorry to have to burst this beautiful bubble that this very creative company has created for you all, but I'm going to do it! I paid $8 for this sample, and was SO excited to try it based on the description, which sounded so mystical and just lovely in kind of an ominous way. Ummm... this is just straight up pine. That is all it smells like! There is absolutely zero development, and I smelled none of the moss or lichen listed in the notes. I asked my boyfriend his opinion, and he agreed with me. We ended up using the rest of the sample to freshen up some of our laundry!! Not good! I will still try Slumberhouse's Pear and Olive, cause I am always interested in unusual scents, but if that is a bust, no more from this company!
By   - lawyer from Fort Collins on 11/12/2014
Norne is wonderful!! Having grown up in the Pacific NorthWest, it is a blast of home for me. Not something I would wear during the work day but I love it once I get home. The pine, moss, and earth notes combine together and I can't stop sniffing my wrist. Amazing sillage and longevity, fairly linear but I like that for this scent. It's like the first breath of fresh air when you stick your head out of the tent or the car into a great Pacific coast forest. Ahhh!
By   - from MidWest on 10/27/2014
I'm giving this three stars because it is spectacularly successful at doing what it says it's going to do: drop you nose-first into the middle of a Pacific Northwest conifer forest. Top notes of cedar, moss, cedar, campfire smoke, cedar, decaying pine needles and cedar simply explode when this hits your skin. It's the most cinematically environmental fragrance I've ever experienced, and those top notes have great longevity. Once they do dry down you're left with an incensey skin scent that, as others have pointed out, is reminiscent of essential oils worn by hippies. I do not understand the references in other reviews to sweaty overalls... I noted nothing of the kind. Everything here strikes me as being profoundly vegetal. I guess my main problem with this fragrance is, who really wants to smell like this? I guess if you were a sales rep for a condo development in the Cascades or something, you might want to don this for your PowerPoint presentation. Otherwise, I can't imagine what occasion this is for. My wife said, "You better wash that off before you start attracting bears." Brilliant execution, gorgeous look to the stuff (green-black and murky, very evocative), delivers 100% on the promise. I just can't imagine ever wearing this.
By   - from Providence on 8/18/2014
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