Parfum Extrait

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!!!!! Thats how it hits you! BOOZY & BEAUTIFUL
By   - iNSURANCE from Chhicago on 1/11/2021
Loved the sample. It changed with body heat for a few hrs. I ordered Norm. Guess what they sent? Yup. Baque. I kept it.
By   - Health field from Seattle on 1/5/2019
Baque is a "goldilocks" tobacco perfume -- all of the notes feel perfectly calibrated to fit with its golden, toothsome, spicy-fruity opulence. The opening is fantastic, a boozy, savory-sweet blast of apricot and planky cedar that reminds me of the smell of a whiskey sour and segues effortlessly into a gorgeous, rich, harmonious cedar-tobacco-davana troika. The vanilla is subtle, almost surreptitious, and the shimmering whiskey sour deliciousness of the opening is revisited in hints throughout the long drydown as the cedar wanes and the tobacco waxes.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 1/2/2019
I love this, but wont buy it. It is Norne that Inlove even more. But this one is so comforting in December. I could smell myself wrapped in it all day. I dab some under arm pits and on my spandex camisole. Little on the back of neck. Hot flashes enhance this scent. Fruity tobacco n straw wa ax what i smelled, and I just loved it.
By   - Healthcare from Seattle on 12/23/2018
Baque is just as gorgeous as Kiste and Ore. It smells nothing like either of them, but is it's own beauty. It reminds me of amaretto. It's rich, creamy, warm, and comforting. It also makes me think of a long discontinued fragrance from Ireland that I have wished to smell again for years. This is far better and much higher quality. I'm really amazed by everything I've tried from Slumberhouse. I think I'm headed for Norne next.
By   - Student from Nashville on 12/24/2017
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