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Salvia Sclarea

Eau de Parfum

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A deliriously refreshing and invigorating Aromatic/Green. A sundappled lawn in early summer dotted with wildflowers and newly-cut herbs, bestowing an airy, nostril-clearing aromatic quality. A sophisticated, three-dimensional perfume (not linear or minimalist), it actually reads like a traditional "eau-de-cologne" that has been tweaked modern by having it lean intensely green. Lovers of the greatest green scents of the past-- EL ALIAGE, Sisley EAU DE CAMPAGNE, Gap GRASS-- will run to this gorgeous number. Not a galbanum, minty or "cannabis" green; rather it suggests grass, delicate winsome floralcy and herbs. The ultimate hot weather refresher.
By   - digital artist from central texas, usa on 4/30/2020
Wow - I just ordered a new perfume and a few samples but this one is DIVINE. I can't tell you exactly what clary sage is but I know every time I become obsessed with a perfume (I believe Andy Tauer uses it in Lonestar Memories) I love it. I can't stop sniffing myself - dry down is lovely too. It's the way the jasmine (very subtle) and the green notes all blend together like the best freshly cut lawn you have ever smelled with a bit of musky sweetness. I may have to get a bottle of this ASAP!
By   - consultant from Weybridge on 2/9/2020
The best bottle that I have ever . When I ware it every body ask me about it . I really can't describe it , its some of fresh notes and lasts longer than others with very strongly aromatic smiling.
By   - Program manager  from Alain on 10/1/2016
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