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Rose Millesimee

Extrait de Parfum

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A very pretty, but not long lasting scent. It blooms with fresh rose at the opening, almost tomatoe kind of smell, vegetable classy rose. Unfortunately it fades fast, to a scent that smells exactly like "rose oil" you can buy at head shops. Sorta sweet, not a note but a sweet vagueness, on my skin a wine like note and floral... maybe jasmine or some other white floral? While this perfume smells great I would never pay full price for a full bottle of this. I can just buy some rose oil from the head shop up the road.
By   - Accountant from Clinton on 9/23/2019
This is an amazing rose fragrance. I got a sample and have worn it a few days. This is a deep luscious rose scent. Smells like those velvet petaled red roses. The opening is just a touch on the sweet side but the sweetness fades soon into a deep and spicy rose scent. I also get a touch of smokiness too. This reminds me of the dozen roses that you just gave to your date just prior to heading out. Projection and longevity are great. I got 8 hours out of it with 3 hours of good projection. If you like rose scents you need to get your nose on this one.
By   - On-Air Personality from Rupert on 7/11/2019
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