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La Liturgie des Heures

Eau de Parfum

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I just received this perfume today and I really love it I smell like a actual Roman priest I really recommend this perfume for everyone and thanks luckyscent.
By   - N/A from anaheim on 8/14/2021
I can't really say I like this-- to my nose, I get a lot of fern and pine. Some incense notes, but seems chemical.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 12/26/2020
In the monasteries of Mount Athos, sitting on cliffs above the Agean Sea, the wood has been imbued with a millennium of incense smoke and bees wax candles. This fragrance has that same background subtlety of ceremony and rich other-worldly aroma. Another place, another time. A much more interesting time.
By   - Lay about from Boston on 4/20/2020
True beeswax has honey's tartness, and LLdH has the warmth of a freshly extinguished beeswax candle, smoky resin, a bit of a blossomy pucker, and the nearly inexpressible sense of wellbeing that accompanies the end of a candlelit bath, or a cozy dinner with people who put you at ease. It also reminds me of Waldorf school, and I imagine anyone who has experienced some variant of doing crafts with natural, heirloom, fancypants supplies will find this fragrance (in measured doses) to be soothing. It is sophisticated, warming, delightfully unisex, and - on me - not overdone on woods or incense. Note: I dabbed some on my wrists and my pug was gently, hypnotically, transfixed. So, I can state that it may bewitch pugs *as well as* humans.
By   - Bookseller  from Pasadena, CA on 1/5/2017
I couldn't believe how much this reminds me of Mandy Aftel's Amber! (And at a fraction of the price...) Definite aura of a humid bookstore. Lightly sweet with hay &a brown sugar. Subtle and mysterious herbal note, wormwood or possibly sweet fennel. A hint of spilled tea... A personal scent experience, reflective & pleasant.
By   - Bar manager from San Francisco on 4/9/2016
This one was by far the stand out of my most recent sample order. A bit strong at first but once it mellowed out - it's a full bottle worthy candidate 😊
By  on 8/14/2014
I'm in awe of smokey fragrances and this one does not disappoint. With the first sniff I was engulfed with the smoldering heat of frankincense and myrrh. The smokiness never dissipated but it casually lent itself to a slight green scent. On me, I find this perfume to be sultry, smokey, mysterious and quite intense.
By   - Designer from DC on 7/20/2014
On me, this scent is exceptionally complex, has tremendous lasting power, a wonderful opening and projection and does not smell like any other scent. It truly is a stand-out, stand-alone cologne unlike any other I've tried.
By   - from Los Angeles on 7/8/2013
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