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Incident Diplomatique

Eau de Parfum

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If you have been in the fragrance world for a while, then this one is perfect for you. People who are not smelled many fragrances may not like this one, because it is a bit potent and dar, but the performance is great and I just love this fragrance.
By   - Admin Assistant from Rosenberg on 12/29/2020
This is a lovely fragrance. This is for anyone, even for those not too used to patchouli or vetiver, as this is really earthy and dark patchouli and nutty vetiver, something we all should try and explore. This scent starts out with a hit of patchouli and then just melts into rich vetiver oils. It is hard to discern where and when the two notes start or finish. Superb blending. I get the mandarin/orange note somewhere in the middle of 4-hour longevity, although it is listed in the notes as being a top note. I got a lot of compliments as well.
By   - engineer from RYDE on 4/14/2020
I got an FB from luckyscent, and had high hopes from the notes and the reviews. But was thoroughly disappointed as I only get patchouli from this on my skin and nothin' else. Absolutely, no vetiver or orange for me. Not sure where the comparison from Jubilation comes from, honestly. And it disappears pretty quickly too. Looks like its different for others, so definitely not a blind buy. As far as patchouli goes, I have PA from TomFord, and this doesnt match up, sorry.
By   - Business Executive from Cary on 8/19/2019
Reminds me a lot of Amouage Jubilation though more subdued, muted, and linear. They are definitely first cousins, though. Clean, bright, zesty, and very sexy! Both sophisticated and casual, a difficult balance to achieve, but achieve it they did. This is FBW and will wind up being my significant scent!
By   - Medicine  from Atlanta on 4/7/2019
Wow...a tidal wave of compliments. Stays on all day...very sexy, very masculine.
By   - Creative Director from NYC on 5/26/2017
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