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Les Jeux Sont Faits

Eau de Parfum

Les Jeux Sont Faits Sizes Available:
100ml $180
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Les Jeux Sont Faits...
This is soooo darn good. I've really been loving the Jovoy line these last few months, and this and Private Label are the best, IMO, with Psychedelique a close third. Les Jeux is hard to describe, it's just a really really good, kind of old-fashioned perfume. It doesn't smell like any of its notes, except labdanum - which is probably my favorite of all perfume notes anyway - but to try and break it down, it starts out kind of bright as described above - the juniper - but quickly moves to a warm, dry, sweet, tobacco-y, leathery, incense-y perfection that lasts on your skin. It is *delicious* and addictive, honestly.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 10/8/2020
Such promising ingredients. I was sad to find that it is so cloyingly sweet that it's really not wearable. My bf and family made comments that weren't exactly positive :( Age seemed to amplify the sweetness. If it was less synthetic smelling, that might be good, but there's something in this blend that is out of place. The dry fruit note and tobacco leaf needs to be taken down about 100 notches. Either one ingredient would be fine, but they are overpowering and seem to compete with the rest of the notes. It's almost a soli-note. There are better blended fragrances out there. The one star is because it has staying power. This will last 8+hours. But at the end of the day there are cheap drugstore scents that are better.
By   - Legal Scopist from St. Paul on 3/19/2019
Purchased this when it was introduced because I liked another Jovoy scent so much - La Liturgie des Heures - and thought Les Jeux Sont Faites would be a good complement to my collection. Totally agree with the description above except that I don't get any tobacco and not even much gin, since the scents are so artfully blended. Entirely wearable by a women seeking a rich, evening fragrance. Casablanca fans may remember that Emil the croupier (Marcel Dalio) says this phrase multiple times ("Les Jeux Sont Faits") after the bets have been placed, in the scene where Rick (Humphrey Bogart, of course) allows the Bulgarian refugee (Joy Page) to win at roulette.
By   - Attorney from New York on 4/11/2017
absolutely love it....a little old school, high quality, gorgeous frag.
By  on 4/6/2014
got a sample and love it...will be buying this one soon...
By  on 3/29/2014
This is a yummy boozy spicy scent that is a real compliment-getter. Works equally well on a man or a woman - great bottle too!
By   - Project Analyst from San Diego on 6/12/2013
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