Jovoy Paris

Pavillon Rouge

Eau de Parfum

100ml $180
0.7ml sample $4
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I again don't get the listed notes-- what I get is a perfect opening of cherries in Kirsch, followed by a generic woody note. The cherry opening is strong for about a minute, then fades greatly.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 12/30/2020
Oh, sweet leather! Fantastic opening spangled with spices and booze that went away far too quickly on my skin but persists beautifully on my mom. I am jealous.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/1/2018
A warm, not sharp, rich scent that develops over time. The edgy booziness passes first (thank goodness), but the rich tobacco, rum, and benzoin develop deliciously over time. I'm not a fan of sillage monsters, and this is a well-behaved fragrance that can be applied more generously or more sparingly, depending on what you want to achieve. I want to achieve a full bottle!
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 11/6/2018
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