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Eau de Toilette

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Unisex. This person lives in a big city, owns a fast non-luxury car. House is extremely clean. Lots of white. Minimal decor consists of a 3’ cement heart coated with vantablack, 5 rare bearbricks, arquitectural books, incense holder & bowl of Hot Tamales & RedHots. Closet: basic everything, mostly expensive, androgynous & 90% neutral colors. Tessuto Prada back packs, black combat boots, yeezys and converse. Restroom: Dyson purifying humidifier on but it can't beat the spicy scent of freshly rinsed out Marvis cinnamon toothpaste. Thy wash their teeth 7 times a day. Buys Marvis in bulk & replaces their black Phillips Sonicare every 2 years. Loves Paul Oakenfold & the movie Parasite. Private Instagram & they never like your posts.
By   - Civil Engineering Estimator from West Texas on 7/17/2021
After reading the fragrance notes I was hesitant to make this purchase ,my sister wanna this perfume for the longest so I had bought it for her as a gift, when she had opened it we both were very surprise.Its slightly sweet ,citrusy,fresh but warm at the same time it is a perfect summer fragrance And I'll be purchasing this one for myself
By   - Fragrance Junkie  from Tacoma on 5/7/2021
Smells like a Marriott lobby.
By   - Business from Boston on 12/12/2020
Dry, watery, sour, nothing like any "red" accented cologne I've tried - very poor blend. So boring scent.... and slightly more on the fem' side.
By   - from NYC on 3/18/2014
I can't believe no one has reviewed this fun fragrance yet! I am so pleased with it. It's not too sweet or too anything, really. Sillage is good but not too overpowering. It lasts all day without doing anything weird in the drydown. I think it's office appropriate, but really, it's perfect for a summer weekend. It reminds me a lot of Cherry Musk--I was surpised not to see that listed in the "you may also enjoy" fragrances listed along the bottom. Love the bottle and the name--both are perfect for this scent. Casual, breezy, playful, perfect!
By  on 7/16/2013
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