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Here and gone in a flash, this pretty rind-centered citrus was fun while it lasted, with a clean bitterness I really liked. The mint and carved-wood rose accompanying it to its rendezvous with iris, however, somehow failed to deliver their client -- shame, since it’s always fun to see what iris can do in a new context. Here, we end up in a pleasant but unremarkable clean-skin drydown -- not bad at all, but not necessarily worth the wait.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/11/2019
Before I tried Pomelo Paradis, my favorite fragrance with grapefruit is Hermès's Eau de pamplemousse rose. Pomelo Paradis may exceed it because the introduction of grapefruit is the most authentic that I have ever smelled: it is tart and pungent. Unfortunately, once the top note of grapefruit fades, which happens within 15 minutes or so, the dry down is faint and unmemorable.
By   - Educator from Dallas on 5/9/2018
Ok, in my opinion this is the closest you'll get to smelling like an actual grapefruit. However its done nicely, smooth drydown, kinda mouthwatering, and rather Citrusy and refreshing, definitely sample 1st. decently wearable imo but really for the hotter weather. 7 out of 10 could be better for the right person. Rather than unisex I'd say it's almost genderless, like the smell of a super clean house
By   - n/a from sfv, ca on 10/9/2016
Nice fresh scent, although extremely fleeting on me.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
I was loving it until I started picking up whiffs of strawberry.
By   - Loser from Lafayette on 8/17/2015
This is SUPER citrusy and fresh which is exactly what i wanted, the topper is really tight on the 30ml bottle though so like i accidentally unscrewed it thinking thats how i opened it.. which, oops. But the scent is exactly as described and so nice.
By   - Student  from Pembroke Pines on 2/20/2015
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