Atelier Cologne

Cedrat Enivrant

Cologne Absolue

30ml $80
100ml $142
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Cedrat Enivrant...
This is one of the best fragrances for a hot summer night. The zest of the lime feels so bright but also refreshing! I feel that this is like slipping into a life size margarita( with salt on the rim of course) if you need a new summer fragrance this is a winner! You will feel like your on a holiday when you wear it!
By   - Fragrance expert from ARLINGTON on 4/10/2020
Simply put, this smells like a high end a good way. It smells like Atelier's Vanilla Absolue+Orange Sanguine+a few woodsy notes. It's a very pleasant and bright scent. Not too strong in terms of longevity, but the sillage is pretty good. This scent definitely brightens up my mood.
By   - Paper Shuffler from Brooklyn on 1/15/2019
I was excited to try a unisex scent, especially one inspired by the French 75 - my favorite cocktail! Unfortunately, this just reminds me of walking past an Abercrombie & Fitch store and getting bombarded by the scent from there. It's a little lemony, which is nice, but I mostly get generic man-scent. A really clean man, though, so if that's your kind of thing, then maybe try it?
By   - attorney from Berkeley, CA on 3/3/2017
I really like the Orange Sanguine, and was looking forward to try this one, too. The scent is really nice but it doesn't last on my skin. It's a shame.
By   - Consultant from Paris on 12/6/2015
I own 6 fragrances by Atelier Cologne including Orange Sanguine, Pomelo Paradis, Rose Anonyme & Cedrat & I wear the Cedrat more than the others because of the fresh & crisp scent. Since we all have different body chemistry, I suggest buying 2 vials or a travel size to test sillage & reactions during day & night. If it works, invest in the lotion & soap for longer lasting projection. I love it!!!
By   - Journalist/Writer from Austin/New Orleans on 9/22/2015
Very nice scent. The notes were as described, but.....despite the 15% concentration, it disappeared almost as quickly as I poured the entire sample out onto my skin. Disappointing!
By   - teacher from New York on 8/5/2014
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