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Lumiere Noire Pour Homme

Eau de Toilette

Lumiere Noire Pour Homme Sizes Available:
70ml $215
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Lumiere Noire Pour Homme...
A really terrific masculine rose; huge staying power, lasted 11+ hours on me. Didn't come across as overtly feminine at all. Then again, who cares, if you like it and believe you can pull it off? Very, very similar to Narciso Rodriguez For Her, as Daniel's review mentions; as good as Lumiere Noir is, for a quarter of the price, I'll stick with the just as long-lasting NRFR. At tad more feminine, yes... but until someone complains, I'm pulling it off.
By   - Bon Vivant from Sacramento on 9/11/2018
A spicy rose, lighter than the brief would imply but with a nicely wicked spice to it. The opening was a bit underwhelming after the trill of mugwort, but give the cinnamon and cumin time to warm up and expand and suddenly you’ve got an elegantly roguish few hours ahead. You’d give this fragrance your number at the club despite your better judgment.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/17/2018
Lumière Noire pour Homme is one of the most beautiful fragrances I've ever come across. This fragrance shines and sparkles upon application but eventually calms down to feel warm, cozy, and effortless. It has the texture of honey; smooth, somewhat sweet but not overbearingly so. It is sensual, sensitive, and romantic. Do not be afraid to try this one. True, it's not your brash, out-there, hit-you-over-the-head masculine scent. Instead, this is a masculine scent that doesn't have to convince everyone that he's masculine. He just is and everyone knows it. Projection is middle of the road, what you spray is what you get. I got at least 6-8 hours on this one. For me, this works best in the fall and winter but easily translates to the spring.
By   - Graduate Student  from Berkeley on 6/19/2018
I have to agree with the reviewer that mentioned grandmother rose note, because it smells to me exactly like when my grandmother kissed me on the face when I was a child. It's true that a light fragrance can be masculine, but I can't shut out that association of my grandmother. The only rose fragrance I've liked so far is Royal Mayfair, which I love.
By   - Student from Halifax on 8/18/2017
This is simply an amazing scent. A very spicy rose with good projection and longevity. It's perfect for the office as well as evenings out. This can easily be worn year-round. Love it! No 'grandma rose' here!
By   - Wealth Advisor from Indianapolis on 8/11/2017
This is one of the best fragrances I've ever owned. It starts ever so rosy and sparkly, then it develops to be spicy and warm and almost oriental. This fragrance is rich and stays on your skin for a long time. I think it's a year long fragrance. One of the best MFK's.
By   - Accountant  from Doha on 4/26/2016
I love this scent, not a daily one for me but on those days when I want to depart from some of my heavier wood, incense note I wear this. Not sure why the "personal trainer" reviewer got that it smells like a Grandma rose because it doesn't, it is far from it, it is light yes but that doesn't mean it isn't masculine. Just goes to show that everyone smells things differently and these reviews should be read with caution. Remember, these scents are designed to blend with you and not mask.
By   - Forensic Accountant from Newport Beach on 1/4/2016
I wore a sample of this for several weeks not realizing it was the men's version of the scent. Once I figured it out, I obtained a sample of LN pour femme and wore both around for a day. Ultimately, I preferred the masculine version, which I actually find to be fairly unisex. I love the bite the warm spices, cumin in particular, add to the rose in pour homme, and wear it regularly.
By   - from Tennessee on 6/3/2013
Very sexy rose scent. It does become powdery in the drydown but that is the best part. IMO this blows Rose 31 out the water! Guys even though it has a powdery dry down, I can not imagine this one on a woman. There is a note in this fragrance that makes it truly masculine. 5 out of 5 stars for sure.
By   - musician from Pensacola on 12/1/2012
Upon receiving two LuckyScent samples, consisting of Lumiere Noire Pour Homme, and Absolue pour le Soir, I immediately phoned up LuckyScent to purchase a FB of Lumiere Noire Pour Homme. I was literally stunned by how beautiful this scent is, and I’ve been in love with it ever since! From a guy’s perspective, Lumiere to me is definitely not at all feminine. One online reviewer described Lumiere Noire Pour Homme as being “sexy and ethereal” and I couldn’t agree more. Never would I want to be without this absolutely gorgeous, sexy scent! Thank you LuckyScent!
By   - IT Support Analyst from Boston on 11/19/2012
I received probably 5 1ml and 2 2.5ml spray samples of this scent over the past year. I loved it the first time I ever tried it.... so much that I apparently didn't trust my thoughts (this is a Rose scent?). So, every time I ordered something else or other samples, I would also get another sample of this. I finally purchased my full bottle and it is indeed amazing. Now I don't have to worry so much about rationing out my usage to prevent using up all my sample vials. haha I personally don't think the smell of roses is that great at all. This is a rose based scent, but it in no way reminds me of roses. It is warm, dark & rich, with a bit of spice to me. Completely enjoyable by everyone, yet 100% masculine. I get lots of compliments probably because it is a unique smell, yet not really offensive to anyone. This is not even close to resembling something loud and sharp like Rose 31. Where as Rose 31 is unique and strange, Lumiere Noire pour Homme is soft and sexy. It is very strong for an EDT. My skin eats most EDP very quickly, yet LMPH EDT will project and last all day.
By   - from Marion, IN on 9/29/2011
If you've ever sniffed Narciso Rodriguez for Women, loved it, and wished there was a male equivalent, here it is. Lumiere Noire is a rose and patchouli mix with a touch of cinnamon over a base of clean egyptian-style musk. Despite what you would expect, the blending is seamless and the aura is clean and sensual. It's most definitely unisex, but not necessarily feminine. Great stuff.
By   - from Montreal on 3/14/2010
Beware! There are florals for men that are masculine. This is NOT one of them. The first impression is sweet, but as it dries down, you're left with an extremely feminine rose scent, one that your grandmother would wear. Had to wash it off immediately.
By   - Personal Trainer from Urbana on 2/11/2010
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