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Lumiere Noire Pour Femme

Eau de Parfum

Lumiere Noire Pour Femme Sizes Available:
70ml $225
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Lumiere Noire Pour Femme...
When it comes to buying my next bottle of perfume, this is the one. I have sampled this off and on over a number of years, and it always percolates to the top of my 'love' list. The rose so edgy, classy and crisp. I love ii!
By   - Analyst from Durham, NC on 4/29/2020
I like this perfume but definitely not for something you would wear in class or daytime. I feel like this is for night time. However, I find it really strong. Maybe I still have to get used to the scent. I don't think I'll buy a full bottle though.
By   - RN student from Tujunga on 2/8/2017
After wearing this for a few weeks, I'm writing a second review to up my assessment from four to five stars. This is one of the best perfumes I have ever smelled.
By   - SAHM from Brooklyn on 11/11/2016
This is a really nice, dark Gothic rose, as most people have already described. it's got that slight soapiness I associate with dark red roses, and reminds me a bit of Jo Malone's Red Roses cologne. it's not quite the same but it suggests it. I like this better.
By   - SAHM from Brooklyn on 10/26/2016
I love MFK perfumes. From unisex Aqua Universalis-to feminine - Feminine pluriele.. classy.. Grand soir.. some of them are easy to wear, some are heavier.. Look up MFK web.. he has a good description there- from "easy to wear- like a plain white shirt.." group.. to VIP- very intensive - complicated-perfumes- group. I personally think that Lumiere noire PF is a bit too loud.. Also I really do find it a bit boring. I think LN is kind of a perfume what women love and think it's sexy and guys can have an opposite reaction . ( yes, of course I asked all my female and male friends to tell me their opinions...) It's nice, but not for me... You might love it but this is not for everybody so I strongly recommend to try a sample first:)
By   - Lawyer photographer from Paris on 10/2/2016
This is the best smelling perfume I have ever smelled. I received my sample in the email (which arrived pretty quickly). When I dabbed a little on my wrist I was instantly hooked. I just felt so sexy and mesmerized by it. I've never enjoyed smelling a perfume as much as this one! I cannot wait to put it on for my date night. I usually don't spend a lot of money on a perfume but this one I will make an exception on. This will be my signature scent!
By   - Executive Assistant from Columbia on 9/9/2015
This is a beautiful, womanly, elegant perfume. If you seek something for evening that will make you feel impeccable yet sensuous, look no further! If you want a perfume that lets its hair down and is more fruity/sweet/fun this won't be for you. But Lumiere does relax and becomes warmer and warmer into dry down. The rose/patchouli/pimento opening is quite contemporary, you might be reminded of Malle's 'Portrait of a Lady' or the 'Juliette Has a Gun' perfumes, but the heart of heady golden narcisse is what makes this unique, lending it a classic aura, depth and fleshy sensuality. Gorgeous, and wearable year round for evening (I love the fact someone here, in comments below, said he bought it for his girlfriend, lucky woman!)
By   - artist from Edinburgh on 1/26/2015
I wanted something that defined the sultry light and sensual smells Autumn brings and this scent does that for me and more! Unique and impressive it attracts compliments and wears beautifully for hours. It leaves a trail of promises both dark and light just as the name implies and will be worn daily because I also feel it defines my light as well...
By   - Designer from San Antonio on 9/22/2014
This one along with Aqua Universalis are both 4 stars for me. 1 star off because simply not blown away but do like very much. I am considering buying both so will get another round of testers before I commit. First impression of Lumiere is similar to Champagne from the 80's and wears on me like Beautiful but with much more complexity and less obvious, less sharp. I at first thought "Office" and now I'm thinking "Any Occasion". Femmy and a bit flowery. Please try.
By   - Massage Therapist from Chicago on 12/18/2012
I am not a fan of floral scents, my least favorite being the smell of roses. I don't usually like very feminine fragrances so I took a big chance in making this blind purchase and am so happy I did. Super sexy fragrance. Amazing. Long lasting, great sillage. I am tempted to purchase another bottle. I don't ever want to be without this fragrance.
By   - optometrist from brooklyn on 5/8/2012
I recieved a sample of this (thank you, Lucky Scent!) and have hit my rose jackpot! The one I've been looking for and somehow remembered. This line is fabulous.
By   - Consultant from San Diego on 3/16/2012
Wow, just about the most beautiful dark rose I've smelled! I find it useless comparing it to other spicy rose-patch fragrances, this one is special. LN has extra oomph, is perhaps the sexiest one I've tried, and I've tried many, as it's one of my favorite types of fragrances. I've seen it compared to L'Arte di Gucci, but I find that one sweeter and fruitier. LN is neither. It's absolutely beautiful and if I were Catherine Deneuve, who supposedly inspired this fragrance, I would be deeply flattered.
By   - from NYC on 1/12/2012
Possibly the most beautiful perfume I have ever had, I cannot stop smelling my skin when I have it on. Initially I thought I had made a mistake as the first spray is a little too strong but this is nothing like what it smells like in as little as 5 minutes. A must have.
By   - IT Manager from Melbourne on 2/26/2011
boringly feminine
By   - from chi on 2/9/2011
I got a sample of this naughty rose... Immediately after I sprayed it on my wrist I regretted enormously... because now I have one more fragrance on my wishlist! It's so grand and so gorgeous... LOVE IT!
By  on 11/17/2010
very French. a creamy, spicy, animalic rose. smells like my mother coming home after a party, still in her winter coat, waking me up to give me petit fours she had snuck home in her purse. Like Saint Laurent lipstick, Sonia Rykiel perfume and snow. Sadly, not for me.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
i tried the sample because im looking for a good perfume for my girlfriend, once i put it on my wrist, i knew i would love it. the opening is a little strong, but not overbearing. as it sits on my skin for a little while i cant stop sniffing on my wrist. i decided to ask my sister about it and she tried it a couple of time. as a normal person, she didnt like the opening. after a while she started to ask me, what is it smelling good around her. i told her to smell her wrist again. she was shocked that the smell actually came from her wrist where she put this perfume on. its a must buy for me as my girlfriend loved it too. it is sensual and mysterious, and a little delicious. thats my opinion. i hope thgis review helps.
By   - musician from bintulu-malaysia on 9/4/2010
This fragrance is utterly delicious. It is cashmere-y and plush. Thankfully, it is floral without being flowery, and just really luscious. Good job!
By   - attorney from Los Angeles on 2/8/2010
This is the sexiest fragrance I have ever sniffed. It is dark and sultry. Definitely FK's best!
By   - RN from Pembroke Pines on 1/19/2010
This is nice but different from what I expected. It's a soft rose w/patch & what I perceive to be some fruit. It's not heavy or rich or very noire imo. Reminds me a little of Rose de Siwa which I believe FK also created.
By  on 1/19/2010
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