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Interlude Man Amouage Every one has their favourite niche house mine is Amouage and I'm so grateful to own some of their extraordinary collections. However there can only be one MASTER (quote from the film LOTR) and that is Interlude Man; a truly magnificent MASTERPIECE to behold... This Jewel of Arabia enables your mind to Transcend to another Realm whilst gifting you clarity of your very essence... My sincere gratitude to the Perfumer Pierre Negrin BRAVO....
By   - . from New York on 5/31/2021
It´s a powerful, amazing, delicious, and intense perfume. Specially designed for cold nights!!!
By   - Counselor from North Bergen, NJ on 6/24/2020
I just got a sample of this from LuckyScent and boy oh boy" its Amazing to say to say the least, masculine and very Spartan, it brings me a feeling of strength and Poise, self confidence, standing tall and proud ready to take on the world. Superb.
By   - Office Manager from San Francisco on 3/7/2019
Thick, sticky, resinous leather. Reminds me of the leather seats of older cars in which you just can't get a certain smell out of because it's been aged with it. After a few hours the incense in Interlude reminds me of the massive amounts of incense from church services (black frankincense resin, gold frankincense resin, styrax scented oil, maybe some myrrh). The dry down at the end of the day, what is left on my skin before bed, is lovely, however I don't want to wait 8 plus hours to get there.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 12/31/2018
I got a sample of this, and have been wearing it all day. Perfect for early autumn days. Will have to get a bottle soon!
By   - Real estate sales... from Philadelphia, PA on 10/1/2018
Self explanatory! Great.
By   - Account Services from Omaha on 3/10/2018
Having been a Creed fan for a number of years, I wanted to try something new, when I first smelled the Amouage line the only 1 that really caught me was Journey. I recently went back to the line and this time tried them on my skin and I'm so happy I did, I wore a lot of them for the day and fell in love with interlude! I haven't stopped wearing it and its drawn a lot more compliments than I expected, I received a lot of compliments for wearing Aventus but there is something more special about receiving the compliments for interlude, and when I hug women they pull me in closer. It also has incredibly staying power, I still get asked about it in the evening at the gym!!! Memoir is next!
By   - Health Coach from Grand Cayman on 4/27/2017
This juice is amazing stuff. Nothing like it on the market today. My go to scent for very cold days - casual or formal. Brings out my confidence! Just beautiful. If you like dark and misterious fragrances this is the one for you. However, this stuff is potent and may not be for everyone so make sure you sample it and not just blind buy in my opinion.
By   - Sales Management from Seattle on 1/26/2017
This is one of my favorite fragrances. It is a great blend of spices, smoke, and incense. It is also a longevity and projection beast, it lasts all day I personally love it. As many niche fragrances though I can see how you would either love this one or hate it. I would recommend trying a sample of this one before making a full bottle purchase.
By   - - from Syracuse, NY on 3/3/2016
This is the real deal guys! I typically like sandalwood based scents...i.e. Tam Dao, .. Sandalo by Viloressi, and even an older scent like Creed Bois Du Portugal.....but this has that plus the smoke of an old world scent. Staying power is incredible due to the quality of the oils....great fragrance...good price due to the strength...don't need much....give it a try!! Might be the new signature scent!
By   - VP R&D Consumer Products from Milford CT on 12/3/2015
Not bad.
By   - ~~ from Syd on 11/29/2015
What an amazing fragrance! The frankincense, agarwood smoke, sandalwood, patchouli, opoponax and bergamot produce a delicious result. I imagine myself wearing this scent throughout fall and winter. To me, wearing Interlude creates within me the same feeling as that of a dinner surrounded by family and friends - a contented warmth and happiness.
By   - Writer from California on 11/23/2015
I have sampled many fragrances,but this by far is the most unique, breathtaking scent I have had the pleasure of's not something that can be described by listing ingredients,you just have to try it..
By   - College Student from Omaha on 10/10/2015
This is the richest, deepest incense scent I can think of. Probably Amouage's finest creation. It has an unmistakable tobacco quality that almost smells like a snubbed out cigarette...yet it actually smells delightful and not revolting. I'm almost positive Amouage simply turned their old Tribute Attar (which I think no longer exists on Luckyscent or in the USA) into a spray perfume. Interlude Man is identical in its complexity and sense of ancient wonder. It literally smells Biblical.
By   - Spear Fisherman from Nowhere on 9/30/2015
Damn fine blend; ignore the negative reviews saying this is "chaotic", it is complex and my favorite of the Amouage man line. It smells similar to Memoir & Lyric, almost like a blend of them, but deep, subtle, both dark and light at the same time.
By  on 6/2/2015
See Michael's review. It's precisely where I was going with mine! Succinct and pointed. I'll just add the price is right too, and loving Journey Man as I do, Its price isn't; unfortunately. My credit card has pouty face when I go to the AMOUAGE section. And, before I forget, isn't LUCKYSCENT's web site SICK!!! It's truly the best site I've ever visited. Amouage and Parfum D'Empire should take some cues.
By   - from Homer on 9/25/2014
The number one male scent of Amouage, I have all of their male scents. The scent has great sillage and a rich oregano amber essence with strong leather overtones. This is long lasting (8-12 hour) once it is applied. The price make this a great deal for a very high end scent. I have gone through two bottles and I am on my third bottle.
By   - Physician from Santa Barbara on 9/19/2014
Smoky wood with a nice bit of floral/citrus to my nose. Easily lasts 18 hours and evolves into this really nice smoky woody incense after about 6 hours.
By   - Architect from San Jose on 5/12/2014
Sophisticated and smokey. I was on the fence on purchasing amouage in general. This is the only bottle that I truly plan on investing in.
By   - from Norfolk on 1/13/2013
This is a stunning and complex fragrance. It develops several times on the skin and lasts an incredibly long time. The best from Amouage? From what I've tried from the line, yes it is.
By   - from London on 10/17/2012
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