Voile Satin - Satin Oil for Body and Hair
3.4oz / 100ml $65
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a dry oil with a pleasant scent. I don't like jasmine in particular but it was wonderful in this product.
By  on 1/31/2015
This oil is versatile. I have used it head to toe. There's something about it that even if you think you've used too much, you haven't. It protects my hair nicely and adds softness to my skin that is not oily. It soaks in well and only leaves a thin veil of protection, not weighing down the hair My one request: this could have been even better with just a bit more moisture The scent is fresh, a bit of citrus blossom.
By   - medical tech on 12/30/2013
Voile Satin is the most sublime elixir in my entire arsenal. The jasmine-saffron-woody scent is profoundly perfect and the quality brings forth a much improved appearance of the skin. For the hair it is simply lovely. A truly gorgeous product.
By   - Executive Assistant from Beacon on 9/8/2012
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