Huiles Precieuses - Body Oil
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4.25 oz $78
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the scent is wonderful. it's not something I would wear but it's so well crafted and quality enough to appreciate on it's own merits...stays close to the skin and dissipates soon after applying, but I have dry skin. I didn't find this moisturizing enough but suitable for summer.
By  on 6/8/2014
I finally got a sample of this--was afraid to order it without trying it since it's expensive--and the two things I was afraid of from reading the reviews didn't turn out to be true: It's not too oily, more like a dry oil that absorbs very quickly, and it's not so strongly scented that it will interfere with perfume applied later. It's a gentle woody-iris scent. I will probably buy this eventually.
By   - from Santa Barbara on 11/28/2010
I just found a great use for this gorgeous-smelling contrivance: it makes for a wonderful (if expensive) shaving oil! I always have problems with nicks and bruises; this oil seems to work better than most shaving creams & gels I've tried. And even better, that delicate wonderful smell lingers (and emerges with every splash of hot water).. Now if Diptyque would only make an eau de toilette out of this excellent dry and dusty iris-leather accord...
By   - architect from Philadelphia on 8/28/2009
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