Olivia Giacobetti

Country: France

As a child growing up in the north of France, Olivia Giacobetti was always encouraged to pursue an artistic career, and by the young age of 17, she decided on perfumery, training at Robertet and starting her own firm. Since then, Giacobetti has been prolific, creating niche classics such as Philosykos & Ofresia for Diptyque, Idole for Lubin, and many of the most beloved scents from L’Artisan, including Dzing!, L’Eau de L’Artisan, and Safran Troublant. She currently holds the position of creative director at Lubin.

Giacobetti’s style has been alternatively categorized as ethereal, as with the bright, beautiful, soft haziness of L’Eau de L’Artisan, or otherworldly, as with the playful storytelling and unique notes of Dzing! or Idole.

Olivia Giacobetti perfumer image
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