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Premier Figuier

Eau de Toilette

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I don’t get a whole lot of fig at any point. I just put it on and I can smell the greenness in the vial but not on me. So initially I get coconut and warm milkiness and then it dissipates and goes slightly soapy. Pleasant enough to use up the sample but not the fig scent I was looking for.
By   - Translator from Madrid on 8/29/2018
I really, really, really wanted to love this. Fig is my absolute favorite note, and I was ready to impulse-buy this just from the reviews. But... the fig disappeared 30 seconds after I applied it. I used the entire sample in an atomizer, and there was zero trance of fig. I was so, so sad.
By   - retail management from Los Angeles, CA on 8/15/2016
Fresh, uplifting, smooth, appropriate for any occasion. If you enjoy fig and coconut, this is a good one to try. I will wear this more in summer, but it has enough woodiness to evoke a sense of warmth that I want from fragrance in cold weather. I think this could be appealing to people of all ages.
By   - from Saint Paul on 12/18/2014
I love this scent. It is true fig leaf and fig. It begins with a powerful blast of green fig leaf and dries down to a mellow rich fig scent. It only lasts about an hour on me, but that hour is heavenly. I don't mind reapplying as I really enjoy the green and I guess this is something that can't be sustained for long.
By   - Student from Perth on 9/5/2014
I did not think I would like fig, but by the end of the day, I Would buy!!!
By   - from Baltimore on 6/7/2013
Soft but not too subtle, beautiful but not too feminine. This will make a wonderful wedding perfume.
By   - from Toronto on 2/26/2013
Holy jesus! I just received a sample of this (that I ordered because Christina Hendricks mentioned it and I super want to know what she smells like) and its a really beautiful perfume. I'm usually turned off by green scents, but this one has a lovely milkiness that takes the edge off of the grassy scent. It dries a bit powdery on me and I sort of like that. My husband said it smelled like clean babies.
By   - from champaign on 9/7/2011
ok when this sent opens up it is divine. I mean milky, coconutty but not overly sweet due to the fresh fig. It's very nice indeed. It lasts a long time to, at least 5-6 hours. The only problem for me is that the drydown is rather gross compared to the beautiful top and mid notes. I wish it would not change and transform into something kind of masculine and blah. It could have been a new addition to the holy grail perfume list of mine. I wanted so bad to like this, and I do, a lot, just not when that fresh coconut and milk and fig blend go away.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/1/2011
Opens with an overpowering blast of fig leaf. That dissipates quickly and the coconut takes center stage. Coconut is not my favourite but here it is tempered very nicely by the other notes. The almond I could not detect at all, but a friend said she could smell the almond on me. weird, right? beautiful fragrance if you like coconut. if you're searching for an excellent fig this might not be your one.
By   - student from Atlanta on 5/15/2010
I really, really, wanted to love this one. Honest to God, I did. I got the sexy, clean sweetness from it... but bit by bit it turned soapy both on myself and on the b/f. Rats.
By   - Pastry maker from tel aviv on 3/3/2010
The first time I wore this scent, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. The next day, I didn't wear it, and found I missed it, and when I did the laundry I enjoyed smelling it on my old clothes. So I wore it again and I really like it. Whether or not I like this better than Dyptique's Philosykos remains to be seen. I think Philosykos has better staying power, but I like how this one smells one me. It lasts longer on me than many other scents, but the drydown smell is similar to a skin scent like you would find in, say, a dry violet note, but milkier and a little sweeter.
By   - Artist from Maryland on 9/8/2009
Started out o.k., but like a previous poster, turned soapy on me as well. Too bad. Overall I think my favorite fig scent so far is Heeley's. Still trying them though! ;)
By   - Public Servant from Seattle on 4/14/2009
smells like nothing but old dirty lamp shade. good thing is it doesn't last long...
By  on 11/23/2008
I wish I could figure out which note turns soapy on me, but this smells for all the world like detergent. My chemistry is wonky with fruits and flowers (although some work just fine). I was looking for something green but less crisp than my beloved Aroma M O-Cha, but this isn't it.
By   - from Michigan on 8/9/2008
Lovely, earthy and just plain sexy. Love It.
By  on 2/23/2008
I really wanted to like this...I really tried but it wasn't to be. Smells exactly like the place I take my dog to get groomed. For a fig scent you just can't beat A La Figue by Satellite. Way better...
By   - from seattle, wa on 1/12/2008
Anonymous from Cleveland: there is no vanilla in this fragrance. I doubt you'd be able to tell "real" from "fake", in any case. Please take some time to delelop your nose, before publically bashing top-quality products. This fragrance is among the best balanced in it's class I've tried in a long time -- simply delightful!
By   - Scent Tester from NYC on 11/13/2007
I LOVE fig scents but this is a horrid little number. Dries down into a cheap, fake vanilla. The best part is when it disappears after 10 minutes.
By   - from Cleveland, OH on 10/31/2007
Okay, I have to post an update to my previous review. In an effort to give this one a second chance, I wore it once more to work. I was surprised when a cute guy friend/lunch buddy declared that he absolutely loved it. I had not been fond of it. I started to wear it and I have to admit that it grew on me. It is now one of my favorites. In summary, I'll just say that the fragrance definitely grows on you.
By   - Attorney from New Haven, CT on 10/5/2007
Out of the vial and first on the wrist this was amazing. The sharp green fig contrasted so nicely with the creamy coconut and sandalwood (couldn't detect the almond much but that was okay) But after about 12 minutes the notes blended together and it smelled like the stuff in the aerosol can my preteen sister used to get at the drugstore in 1988. In other words, cheap and stinky.
By   - sahm from Maine on 7/1/2007
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