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Eau de Toilette

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I should have known that if there were only two notes listed, and one of them was rose, this would NOT be for me. And, it isn't! If you are a lover of florals, and rose, then follow the others who rave about this. I got it as part of a holiday set, and was sad to find that Tam Dao was the only one that worked for me. But, it is so gorgeous that I don't really mind. Hope I'll find a friend who wants this one.
By   - writer from Chicago on 4/18/2017
I will never EVER forget the day I first smelled this perfume. It was like entering an alternate universe where the perfume I had always dreamed about was finally presented to me. my head nearly exploded. I couldn't believe what I was smelling. The rose and black current is heaven. I agree with other reviewers about the tomato vine aspect. Its floral, sweet and green but also super earthy. Nothing else like it exists and nothing I have EVER smelled has ever blown me away like this.
By   - designer from Chagrin Falls on 2/1/2017
So unique---a botanist's romance... Opens with a very earthy sun-warmed tomato leaf and stem. Geranium joins in. After a while, a lovely sweet rosy floral adds to the composition. It's like a walk through a hidden garden that is by turns sun-dappled and shady. I was intrigued by its spooky name, and found myself in a botanist's dream.
By   - from Madison, WI on 6/12/2015
An amazing fragrance! It's so unique from anything else I've smelled. I usually don't like green scents but this is just lovely. I don't get the tomato that others mention. It is like going into the garden after a rain, with all the fragrance of the fresh leaves, and smelling the most beautiful rose. A classic.I love it.
By  on 3/15/2015
Opens up with black currant and turns into something quite surreal. Day after day of that daily grind, you look up and see someone you've never seen before but you've known your whole life. It's a familiar face at an unfamiliar time. You strike up friendship with a stranger, who has travelled to a strange land. This is the spark that leaves a subtle yet unforgettable resonance of mystery with intimacy. Nay but a drop to entice with surprise.
By  on 1/24/2015
To all lovers of this scent - I highly recommend layering this with Diptyque's Essences Insensees. A gorgeous combination.
By   - Student from Baltimore on 9/19/2014
This always stops me in my tracks. It's the kind of scent that rarely comes along in the green family as it manages to be juicy, crisp and yet sensual at the same time. For a lover of nature and all things green, this has to be one of the most romantic and faithful renderings of a spring garden in a bottle. It lasts well too.
By   - Perfume editor and consultant from London on 4/12/2013
very uninteresting. smells like a regular mens' toilette scent. A fougere type of scent but with some floral notes that make it more unisex. It's nice and it lasts a few hours. Nothing I'd want to shell out big bucks for, but nice.
By   - therpist from NY on 6/2/2012
Super crisp and clean scent, very green at first and slowly turns more floral, but not overtly flowery. Very crisp rose with an ivy smell, almost like a fresh tomato. Not overly femme but not masculine, as a man I wear this and get compliments, not too "perfumey".
By  on 2/10/2012
The most perfect spring scent I own! As others have mentioned, it smells like the most beautiful rose garden and tomato garden all in one. It's very earthy and green... Creed's Green Irish Tweed is way too synthetic in comparison. Just so amazing!
By   - musician from Pensacola on 10/5/2011
A masterpiece!
By   - from Ohio on 3/23/2011
I have to smile a little as I think this makes a wonderful mans scent. It's a rose with balls. I've had quite a few compliments when I wore this, so don't be put off by the rose in this one, it plays well with our testosterone.
By   - medical stuff from LA on 12/1/2010
I'm not as enthusiastic as others about this one. It's sweet and lightly green going on, not too rose-y. It does last well. Nothing in it inspires me, though--pleasant enough, but only that.
By   - from near SF on 2/15/2010
Absolutely amazing! This replaced CDG's Calamus as my favorite green scent ever.
By  on 11/5/2009
Perfect. The opening smells fertile; like walking into a warm and sun-drenched greenhouse at the tail end of a cold, unrelenting winter in upstate New York. I know that the notes list 'black current stems and foliage' but to my nose, I detect tomato foliage. The sharp pungency fades but never disappears as a true rose scent begins to announce itself. This is an evocative scent, drenched in delightful far-off memories of summertime. My rose garden and my father's tomatoes intertwine and remind me of my youth. It is the scent of memories and times long past. Beautiful, evocative, ephemeral and fleeting. A heartbreakingly beautiful perfume that I cannot imagine being without. This may be one of my favorite purchases EVER.
By   - Artist from upstate NY on 8/13/2009
I agree with the description for this perfume - it is an utterly beautiful scent. It is lemony, earthy, with a hint of floral. I also found the staying power quite good compared to other perfumes by Diptyque - I could still smell it 9 hours later even though it was never overpowering at any time. I certainly would buy it again.
By   - Teacher from Canada on 8/11/2009
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