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La Danza delle Libellule Exceptional Edition

Parfum Extrait

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Now THIS is what I am talking about as a niche fragrance! I am getting vanilla and that juicy apple with a whisper of cinnamon. I am not smelling the coconut directly, but this has a light creaminess I am guessing comes from the coconut. This is a perfect spring and fall scent, I will have to test more for summer, but this is exceptionally and beautifully unique, not like just another perfume. I love that it is clearly identifiable, not not something the masses are likely to be wearing, and it is soft, nothing sharp about it. This is clean and fresh, but not in the typical way. Gently sweet. I am in love. This is a forever scent for me.
By   - Finance  from DENVER on 4/29/2021
I’ve never cared much for sweet scents so decided to try this based on notes/reviews. I couldn’t be more surprised or thrilled that I took a chance!!! This is somewhat sweet but not cloying. On me it is very subtle but very sexy, clean & fresh. I am truly in love with this parfum! Love, love, love!
By   - Retired from Carson City on 2/9/2021
I got this as a gift after blowing through the non-exceptional (says them!) version in a few short months. It's magic. I love it so much. It's very appley, but in a way that makes me keep smelling my arm for hours.
By   - Marketer from Chandler on 1/28/2021
Opened the box and I was sent to bliss heaven.Erotic,Joyful,Playful.sinful.Live the silage and the longevity that this fragrance projects.Makes a lasting impression when you wear this and leave the room.Gorgeous.
By   - Funeral Director  from Towson on 12/14/2020
I love this scent! I have a weird body chemistry and I have a huge problem finding perfumes that smell good on me. Every perfume I try ends up smelling the same on me once it dries down and I also get migraines from most scents. I cannot tell you how many difference scents I have tried. This scent does not smell like anything else I have ever tried and it does not give me a headache! It is a warm, comforting, and slightly spicy scent and it is perfect for fall/winter. I also love Tokyo Bloom by The Different Company if you are looking for something lighter and cleaner smelling for spring/summer. These are my 2 signature scents.
By   - Mom/Student from Ellington on 9/30/2020
I bought this because I love the original fragrance so much. I am not disappointed at all. The exceptional edition is a more intense version with a much more pronounced red apple. The vanilla is just as delicious, but if you are looking for bigger, juicier apple, you may enjoy this. I love both versions. The artistry of the bottles and packaging is also wonderful. I can't quite shake the image of these bottles sitting on Snow White's dressing table in some far off castle. It's not girly, just fairytale, otherworldly wonderful stuff.
By   - Student from Nashville on 8/7/2018
This scent has such great reviews and the notes are what I usually enjoy, but this one kind of left me feeling uninspired and disappointed. I love gourmand fragrances and good vanillas, so in theory this should work for me. I don't smell any apple note, no coconut, no cinnamon, and no bergamot either. Some vanilla, soft musk and cedar do come out on my skin. It's a feminine concoction but it feels bland on me. too bad; but hey, if it works for others than good on them. They can't all be winners for everyone right? I bet this would be nice layered with another perfume. Still glad I tried a sample.
By   - . from puerto rico on 7/19/2017
Libelulle is my absolute favorite #1 perfume in the world currently - so I thought - What could they possibly mean by special edition? I must know… This is not just a stronger version of the original - this perfume "experiences" differently. The "perspective" on the individual accords is magnified. You get transported down in & next to the individual elements revealing subtleties that were obscured by scale & proximity - "new things" that were always there are brought into focus - like a slightly metallic soapiness & the lightest floral, something like rose that isn't obvious in the original - but completely familiar. This is defiantly worth owning as a "Macro" version of the original, different enough- yet of the same wonderful.
By   - Art Jeweler from Dover, DE on 6/4/2017
In the description, begin with their words "Now, the red apple.,,," and finish with "wondrous hours" and take it as gospel. I am burning thru this juice like the world is going to end and I want to have an empty bottle when the meteor strikes! It is just THAT GOOD. The scent it leaves on my scarves has driven one man to distraction. The scent it leaves on me when I wear it purposefully has garnered more compliments than any other fragrance I own. Please always keep this one available.
By   - Vagabond from The News on 1/28/2016
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