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Eau de Parfum (Atomizer Spray)

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Absolutely delicious: light, spicy amber supported by a weightless vanilla that floats like an expensive silk scarf. Definitely the real thing -- I sampled this alongside Profumum Roma's Ambra Aurea, and the note to me was akin to Ambra Aurea -- but Omnia's scent is easier to wear. Complex, rich, but not at all cloying or heavy. A summer amber. I do love this. Wearing this fragrance, you'd smell delicious and intriguing, but still unique.
By   - Fragrance newbie from Frankfort, KY on 5/27/2020
It's an amber fragrance to the core! No more and no less. However it is far and away more affordable than many others. The juice is fantastic! I was very surprised with this little gem, should hurry and get a bottle before it's gone for good. That's how it goes folks, here today and gone tomorrow.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 3/17/2019
Sultry amber that is wonderful when first applied and glorious after the initial dry down. Makes me want to don my sexy heels with...nothing else.
By   - Faux artist from Knoxville on 12/15/2017
I expected heavy, because it's amber. But it's not. It's a wonderful, comforting, not-too-sweet scent that may be my go-to winter scent. The patch keeps it from being cloying. I have to wear it a few more times to see if the lavender comes out. But I do believe this is FBW.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 12/5/2015
heaven. missed my amber scents. this one is so delightfully soft and warm... a true cozy comfort scent. a definite for all amber lovers to try!
By   - agent from st pete on 1/10/2013
I could bet my house there's musk in here; I like the mid notes and the drydown, not too crazy about the orange booze note tho.
By   - Court Interpreter from West Hills on 1/4/2013
Pure ambery-powdery comfort! I received this in the middle of an Iowa blizzard...very classy- great sillage -superb warmth!
By   - receptionist from Des Moines, Iowa on 12/22/2012
Truly wonderful at first ... but within 15 minutes dries down to something meh.
By  on 9/30/2012
Tabu 1975..revisited
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 11/4/2009
the first day i got it unsniffed, i was completely satisfied. it lived up to the hype, i wear scents only for me so i was a bit surprised when a co-worker followed me to ask what smelled so great. I work at a hospital so my first concern was that it was too strong and perhaps offensive. My friend assured me it was fine, just something great to come across in the air!
By  on 7/3/2009
Sweet, Warm,Powdery, Pleasant. Anise? Tiniest bit gourmand. Subtle, light, could be just right!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 3/29/2009
a perfectly lovely amber scent--hints of incense near the beginning, then quiets into a close to the skin scent. Really very nice--but I do prefer the Sinfonia di Note Fleur de Santal, which is strikingly similar. Long lasting.
By  on 2/12/2009
Beautiful warm sparkling Amber, what a nice scent......warm and with a slight sweetness to it. I love this one.
By  on 2/12/2009
I really like this Amber. It is very addictive. It isn't necessarily light but it does have a sparkling, crystillized sugar quality about it that I just love. I was definitely surprised by this. I expected it to just be some ho-hum amber but I find it to be quite unique!
By  on 1/27/2009
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