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This scent will have people standing close to you asking what your wearing?. It''s attractive. Does have a pencil shaving vibe like Gucci pour Homme at first but soon becomes a deep and linear, dry smokey apple & pine incense, all done unbelievably well. Not even remotely Pine-sol. Man or woman, teen or adult, summer or winter, day or night, this one simply has no barriers. It also lends itself well to layering with other scents. Expect plenty of silage and hours of staying power. You wont go nose blind to it. Spray only once or it becomes syrupy sweet and may come off a bit pushy. Stores in a nice card board tube and the spray nozzle meters an appropriate dose of mist. The round bottle fits any size hand. Thinking of a blind buy? Go for it.
By   - Electromechanical Service Tech from Iberia Parish, Louisiana on 5/2/2018
Aaarrgghh so great. Just because there is some sweetness there doesn''t make this a sweet scent there are also bitter, dry and ascetic qualities to it, like the turmeric or curry leaf note (not listed in the notes, but that''s what it feels like to me) in the middle of the drydown. There are plum and apple, but we''re talking about the bitter, astringent skin, not the sweet flesh. There is the earthy feeling of both heat and shade in the same scent, and the quality of motes of dust in sunshine. Man, I love it so hard.
By   - A lover not a fighter from London on 9/24/2016
This is some amazing stuff. ALL about resins and fresh-cut woods. Pine and Frankincense, Myrrh and Fir give the impression of a Scandi sauna or forest sawmill, clean and dry, natural and invigorating. A delicate fruit hint bestows some uber-cozy sweetness to the bracing woods and balms. Exquisite, elevating, evocative. The wood lover''s holy grail.
By   - artist from boerne TX USA on 4/2/2016
Nicely balanced incense.
By   - from New York on 9/28/2013
The only notes I smelled in this was CYPRESS!!! ---and apple cider. I would wear this to a casual holiday party---it is a seasonally festive winter scent.
By   - from Madison, WI on 5/29/2013
I smelled incense and pine and the combination is very dry in the beginning. It''s a very complex scent and I can''t even describe it. The drydown is rich & warm--a combination of beautiful incense and woods. I love it!
By  on 3/1/2013
I love this so much. Wazamba is by far the most interesting scent I own. It is interesting in a very lovely and friendly way. It is so lovely that I now tend to save it for days I need a little bit of extra comfort or beauty surrounding me. It never fails to give me that pleasant boost on those days. Wazamba is a more feminine and slightly warmer cousin of Cardinal or Avignon, both perfumes which I also hold very high. Wazamba must be sprayed only lightly, because it has that little bit of whiff of rotten apples. A little bit naughty or even offending when used to an excess. But still very special and sexy. Certainly not for everyone. I love wearing it in the autumn and winter with lots of scarves and soft wool. It smells extremely good sprayed lightly on my wool underwear.
By  on 10/17/2012
This smells almost like a boozy apple. Cypress comes through really clearly too. It''s a nice, dark woody perfume that seems great for the holidays or cold weatherwinter season. I would like to own this one. I think it''s extremely unique.
By   - from SAN FRANCISCO on 10/11/2012
I bought a bottle of this on a whim. ( I also paid way more that Lucky''s price for it) "won''t do that again"..I really like this but the more I wore it, the more I realized it was just like something else I have worn in the past. Andy Tauer''s Incense Rose. The two are very much alike. It is a lovely heavy thick, scent and it stays around a long time, but it has less rose and more incense than Andy''s but both are very wearable.
By   - DDI from Near, Portland Oregon on 5/2/2012
... a well balanced incense fragrance with rich notes of warm woods (fir is dominant), frankincense and sandalwood. The dry apple aroma is interesting when mixed with the woody notes but flashes off quickly. The dry down is simple balsam fir- masculine, comforting and warm.
By   - from Winston-Salem on 9/30/2011
Just rec''d sample. Reminds me of Frapin 1270, which I love, but like the 1270, this too has little projection. Nice scent fruity, little spicy. Don''t know that I would invest in a full bottle though.
By   - from Dothan, AL on 9/3/2011
Just rec''d sample. Had to try it a few times to really get a feel of it. Reminds me of Frapin 1270, which I love, but has little projection. This too has little projection. The scent itself is very nice light spice & fruity, but I don''t know if I would invest in a full bottle if I have to stick my nose to my wrist to smell it.
By   - from Dothan, AL on 9/3/2011
This smells like the inside of a Yankee Candle store in November on me. Disappointing.
By   - from Charleston on 8/2/2011
This is an amazing scent that captures the best-smelling aspects of incense sold at your local Tibetan Nepali hippie store. It''s stronger than I feel comfortable wearing out, but I often put it on in the evening at home. As an aside, I really dislike 10 Corso Como, so on me this scent seems distinct from that one, YMMV.
By   - Librarian from Bay Area on 9/30/2010
This is being compared to Fill En Aguille by SL in that perfumes reviews. I do hope so because I like that one and am really excited to try it esp after reading Sarina''s review. I like her opinion of it and hope that i mirror that. I soo love the piney mysterious fragrances. Sexy sexy sexy!
By   - New England mommie from USA on 8/7/2010
After living with this for a day..I must change my rating to 3* not 5. Wazamba is a little on the heavy side,it tends to get a little boring after a few whiffs....thick and syrupy.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 11/3/2009
10 Corso Como with a generic fruit accord. It''s gorgeous an animalic on one end and then like a childrens perfume or perhaps an upmarket room spray on the other. It''s closer to an amber than an incense.
By   - Fencemaker from Isle of Wight on 10/4/2009
it''s Somali, not Somalian!
By  on 10/3/2009
I just loved the name of this fragrance. I read of all the reviews and purchased this unsniffed. The incense note prevails however, I was suprised at the sweetness of the blend. There are so many different tones in this scent. I love the apple that is in it and I also notice honey, too. It is truly a unique fragrance which I enjoy wearing.
By   - cook from Pittsburgh on 9/25/2009
incense lines are all blending these daysbut this one is quite nice it is a soft incense for winter for thosewho love it.wearable.
By   - agent from st pete on 9/16/2009
This is fantastic! Soft, smooth and understated with a perfect combination of incense and woods. This wears lightly which is surprising given the notes. I think it''s the balsam that gives it an airy quality like LS stated. I think this will also be great to use for layering. Truly remarkable and stunning. I''ve sampled all the new releases and this is at the top!
By  on 8/29/2009
To me this smells almost exactly like the incense they burn in some Catholic churches, at first - which is a scent I love I feel transported to some higher dimension. It dries down to a lovely slightly-spicy, resiny aura, and it lasts and lasts. I think I like it even better than Montale Aoud Rose Petals, another big fave.
By   - Marketing Mgr from Palo Alto CA on 8/27/2009
Smells like 10 corso como without the rose and aoud. The sandalwood note is one of the creamiest Ive ever encountered. I already have a bottle of Corso so I wont be getting this. The apple gives it an interesting twist.
By  on 8/25/2009
VERY unique incense fragrance! warm,not sweet,not too woody,love it.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 8/23/2009
i love this...sort of an amped up 10 corso como but deeper!
By  on 8/21/2009
This is lovely! It''s a warm, woody spicy scent, sort of like Aziyade but without the cumin and stewed fruit notes. Definitely a winner!
By   - from San Diego on 8/11/2009
Dropping by once again to update on the late drydown: Wazamba has the truest fir tree notes I have ever encountered. Not scratch''n''sniff ''Christmas tree'' from a toddler''s book , not artificially fragranced pine cleaner, just the living deep green juice of the crushed needles. wow! It''s so rare you come across the real thing...
By   - from LIC, NY on 8/7/2009
Perfectly blended expression of straight dark incense burning in the deep forest on a shaded winter day. Like Luckyscent''s reviewer, I do appreciate that this unisex version of resins and sacred smudging herbs has no sugary, vanillic notes to overwhelm its natural somber quality. Still, the addition of apple - not cider-sweet but mellowed, like a newly opened packet of dried fruit - makes this fragrance gentler on the drydown and easier to wear. If you like the concept of authentic myrrhopopanax blends, but find most versions too unapproachably severe, give Wazamba a try!
By   - from LIC, NY on 8/7/2009
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