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Lovely scent but does not last long.
By   - Employed from Houston on 11/28/2020
Very spicy. Too masculine for me. I got hot cinnamon, cloves, and some incense. Would be nice on a man. I'm trying to branch out and expand my fragrance wardrobe. My only "unisex" fragrance is TF's Tobacco Vanllle. That's as masculine as I've gone. Maybe I should stick with my florals, feminine tobaccos, Orientals, and florientals.
By   - Administrative Assistant from Charlotte on 10/20/2017
A honey-thick amber that makes beautiful use of the various woody-spicy aspects of tea, coriander, cinnamon, and cumin. The boozy effect is real (thanks to, I think, a particularly narcotic vanilla), but it’s not a booze-to-excess effect; in fact, this regal fragrance drinks, eats, and wears what it pleases as it pleases, and if those preferences are cognac, smoked meats, and ermine, it doesn’t see how that’s any of your concern. A fragrance that doesn’t so much not work for the office as it does refuse to acknowledge that mere mortals have to go to such places; the royal “We,” bottled.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/7/2017
Today my bottle of Ambre russe arrived and I have to tell you I am beyond thrilled! What a spectacular and heady amber fragrance. For years I have been looking for a satisfying amber scent made from natural ingredients and Ambre Russe is the answer to my prayers. I am completely mesmerized by its beauty and depth. Not only does it last for hours on my skin but it developes like a fairytale evolving and revealing its sensual and captivating structure. Amber lovers this is the holy grail!
By   - Massage therapist from Bern on 5/24/2016
This is an amber from another era, which would be perfectly in keeping with the mission of this line. It is redolent with masculine elements, but carefully crafted in such a way that the modern woman can wear it. It would have been perfectly appropriate on my grandfather and equally appropriate on me. I don't believe I've ever said that about a scent.
By   - human resources from denver on 3/17/2016
Really nice clean scents that evoques memoirs of eastern europe and russian spices.You can smell in this perfume notes of amber and cinnamon, which slowly will turn in vanilla and caramel scents. Sillage is moderate, duration its nice, around 5 to 8 hours. Its a sweet amber parfume. Make sure to try it first! nor for everyone.
By   - Architect from Mexicali on 2/16/2016
Ambre Russe opens with a short blast of vodka and sweet champagne, which is very short lived on me. I then smell a familiar Russian Coriander very similar to the opening of Dior Patchouli Imperial but slightly toned down. Next in line I pick up on the tea w/cinnamon, incense, and of course amber slowly making its appearance more known as the hours pass and very slowly trading places with the dominating Coriander heart, and becoming a very desirable skin scent. The projection is soft to moderate for the first 3-4 hours then wearing very close afterwards. The longevity is very good lasting at least 8 hours in an indoor setting. The Amber Gods have delivered yet another favorite!
By   - RoughNeck from Saint Charles on 9/1/2014
I love this fragrance -- heady and headstrong, as luxuriant and evocative as described, and as deliberate as a game of chess in which winner takes all. I'm happy to see AR back in stock today, but ugh, what horrible new packaging. Will purchase again regardless and decant into my previous bottle. Truly a top-notch composition, but bossy. Try a sample first to make sure it's for you.
By  on 6/19/2014
My favorite amber scent (next to Bois 1920 Real Patchouly - which is more amber than patch). I love the complexity and how it evolves over time as it melts into your skin and dries. I don't get the boozy part at all. But there is definitely a lot of leather in the open, which I love. Never goes powdery. Totally appropriate for men and women.
By   - from NYC on 11/3/2013
Amazing. Lovely. Rich and warm and creamy. Everything an amber should be. On me, it went on amber and lots of tobacco and rum. It dried down quickly into the rich, buttery amber that only Parfum d'Empire can do.
By   - communications manager from Cleveland on 1/11/2013
Lovely scent...Luxurious, def unisex...but alas a little too masculine for me. A lot of cedar. Otherwise would be FB worthy.
By   - from San Francisco on 3/29/2012
Ambre Russe is equal in my eyes as my favorite scent from this line. A boozy opening (which some dislike) is replaced by a warm amber, tea and tobacco. Good longevity and sillage. My best amber scent.
By   - - from - on 2/1/2012
So opulent, golden and rich. A regal golden lion. I don't smell the boozy notes, just the alcohol in the liquid itself drying off. Mostly just get an exquisite amber with well-blended spice notes, fading to powder. This may be too ornate rich a scent for me to wear regularly, but at least I feel like I've smelled a work of art.
By   - Designer from Northampton, MA on 9/23/2011
This is a gorgeous, luscious, warm, rich, elegant scent steeped in decadence. It makes me want to purr like a cat and roll around on a leather couch. It smells like the most delicious honey tastes--sensuous yet airy, utterly addictive. This is drambuie without the burn, amaretto without the cloyingness. Simply put, when I wear this, I want to seduce myself and take me to bed. Now I just need to find someone else that has that same reaction!! :)
By   - from Arlington VA on 5/5/2011
The vodka blast was awful and I can't get past that. I don't want to wait for what's after that awful vodka. I hate vodka. I don't drink.
By   - mom from Pacific Northwest on 1/10/2010
One of the very the best among the many ambers Luckyscent has to offer. It feels so familiar and comforting, yet at the same time, exotic and luxurious. And I would wear it any time of day, whatever day, as it is beckoning me to wear it! Smoky, boozy, foody, warm, sweet, woodsy amber - yeah, baby!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 4/8/2009
I once had the opportunity to visit Russia when I was participating in a joint show of Russian and American artists. They graciously held a reception for us at a very grand old building that sits opposite The Saint Basil Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow. Beautiful crystal chandeliers provided warm, ambient light and as a 4 string quartet played, tuxedoed waiters kept the champagne and vodka coming on polished silver trays. At some point during that cold December evening the huge wooden doors of that grand building were flung open and became a perfect frame for the view of the onion-domed cathedral at the opposite end of the square. Perfect snow flakes were falling and I stood mezmerized feeling like I was standing in the middle of a scene that could have been in Dr Zivago if it wasn't the year 2000. Please excue my moment of reverie, but it helps to explain why I think this scent is a masterpiece. The opening is all boozy amber making it one of the most unusual scents I've ever experienced. The alcohol starts to recede after about 20 minutes to a half an hour, making way for more amber and what smells like the tobacco from an unlit fine cigar. But at the same time, if you put your nose to your wrist, you can smell notes that are both floral and spicy. I have yet to get the leather note that everyone mentions, but it doesn't matter, there's enough going on here to satisfy me and the amber is gorgeous througout. I don't know, maybe the 8 days spent in Moscow and St Petersburg primed my imagination, but I can see how this could have been the elegant/decadent smell of Russia at the time of Czars and Czarinas. Silliage is perfect. Love it!
By   - artist from DC on 1/4/2009
A fragrance that calls to mind the grand drawing rooms of the past, redolent of fine brandy, good cigars, and luxurious appointments.
By   - Acting Teacher from Yakima on 11/5/2008
I'm in awe that the poetic description Luckyscent provides on Ambre Russe is so perfect; to my nose (and on my skin) it was everything that was promised. Fantastic staying power, excellent quality perfume, with such uniqueness and creative beauty that I'm very much in love with this one. The amber never leaves, and remains warm and true. The tea and incense notes are very balanced and smooth with the others, something I'm coming to recognize about this line; all so smooth. The leather note is erotic and gorgeous, and I'd love it on a man or a woman. The vodka I can understand some may not 'get', but this boozy note is truly luscious in this one and is more reminiscent of the smell of incidental high-class environs, not a bar. The lovely, decadent blend of the sacred and the profane in this perfume really made me smile, because for some reason it reminds me of Alan Rickman's performance in Rasputin - purely a personally subjective association I'm sure, but the churchiness is never dominant, equalized by the erotic decadence. My partner actually suggested we could write romance novels about handsome Russian officers and watch War and Peace wearing this one. :) A true love, Ambre Russe... I only wear it in the evening.
By   - musician, writer from Houston on 3/4/2008
This is just gorgeous. Spicy with just the perfect hint of off-setting sweetness. It's booziness is effervescent and delightful. More like a tipsy Carole Lombard than Charles Bukowski. But patience is a virtue. When this goes on me there is a *very* short-lived trip to the barnyard!
By   - professor from new york city on 12/5/2007
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