Rania J.

Ambre Loup

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Ambre Loup...
This is such an amazing fragrance... by far the best amber scent I’ve found
By   - Production lead  from Rock Hill on 4/26/2021
Ran though the first sample so quick it was clear immediately this would need to be full bottle. Starts off feral but comes in from the forest & curls up by the fire. Fiercely comforting.
By   - Visual Artist from Brooklyn on 5/14/2020
A fantastic and original AMBER. A full bottle that I will definitely buy again when I run out. Topmost quality "eau de parfum" with great durability. A niche fragrance for connoisseurs. A gem in my collection. Love It!
By   - Artist from Vancouver on 7/16/2019
Not often do I smell something the first time and feel so in love with it as if I have known it for lifetimes. Ambre Loup is a very rich, dense woodsy, Labdanum laden Ambery scent with what I'm guessing is Indian Oud & Peru Balsam. This scent will keep you safely lost in a scent bubble for hours. On my skin it lasts at least 5-6 hours strong and then mild for another couple hours. It is not one for people who prefer softer and gentle floral scents. But if you love Peppery, Woods & resins you will love this. It is bold and very much evokes a sense of exoticism of the Middle Eastern scents. I liken Ambre Loup to Areej La Dore's Russian Oud, while they are not the same, they are cousins, similar in their essence.
By   - Sniffer of all things from New England on 8/17/2018
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