Eau de Parfum

by Boudicca

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I''ve gone through 3 bottles of this since last year - one of my "go to" perfumes that has passed the test of still loving it through all 3 seasons. Not only that, literally everyone loves the way it smells. It''s subtle - not "hit you over the head." In fact, that''s my only complaint - it is LIGHT but on the bright side, you can wear it in public and not offend but just smell enticing. I can''t get enough of it - I often wear it to bed. Just a magical combination that works well on the skin. One of the best put together scents and for sure on my top 10 of all time.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 12/7/2017
I love that this is made by a company called Boudicca. She was a hardcore Celtic queen who nearly destroyed the Romans. So cool. What a strange perfume! It is pencil lead and cedar at first, which I love, then the peppery scent of tomato vines. Later, it smells like the air right before a thunderstorm. Then, it''s leather and ferns. I couldn''t help but imagine Boudicca, the vengeful queen, on her horse, riding through a ferny forest. It''s weird stuff. I like it. This perfume conjures up all sorts of fantastic imagery. It is not your standard, boring mall perfume that smells like candy and fruit. It is for conquerors. It is for winners.
By   - teacher from Lake Charles on 5/11/2017
Magical and woodsy, wearing it is like stepping into a faery ring while walking through Wistman''s Wood on Dartmoor... (at least that''s where my imagination takes me after applying Wode...)Wear when you plan to spend your day outdoors unsurprisingly, this fragrance smells at its best when exposed to the elements.
By   - Massage Therapist  from NOLA on 1/14/2017
This makes me feel like I''m in a medieval forest with wood nymphs frolicking and something dark lurking around the next tree. It lasts a little better than average on my skin. Changes beautifully throughout the day.
By   - Jill of all trades from San Jose on 9/1/2016
So intoxicating, yet so easy to wear. Changes in a beautiful way. Starting smokier and darker, then turning brighter and a bit lemony. I love this.
By   - writer from Chicago on 5/11/2016
Smells good but what do I know? All I can afford is a sample.
By   - hot dog on a stick ;) from los angeles on 11/11/2015
Smells like I rolled in a clump of freshly trampled clary sage. I couldn''t detect anything else . Very disappointed. Especially after the great reviews.
By   - perfume enthusiast from California on 11/7/2015
Amazing! About twice a year I order a bunch of samples, hoping one of them will work with my finicky chemistry. Until today, I had only found one, Peche Cardinale. Wode is amazing on my skin. Reading the reviews, it is clear that the scent is different on each person. It is complex on my skin from the moment I put it on and for hours after. I get amber, sandalwood, leather and tuberose and other things I can''t put my finger on. It is sexy and intoxicating. I can''t stop smelling it!
By   - Librarian from Seattle on 11/7/2015
Wet stone, ozone, and something primal. I love this. I kind of get the review that called it "paint" or "bug spray", because it has a strong alcoholicchemical note at first -- one that I happen to like, though.
By   - - from Tokyo on 9/30/2015
Great perfume with mysterious, backwards development (it seems to go base, heart, top). It has three distinct phases. First, it opens with a spicy leather amber with cistus labdanum and jasmine. Then it switches into a virile neroli cedar cologne scent, ala Terre d''Hermes. Finally, it ends (somehow) with top notes of cut tomato stems, dried herbs, and grass. It sounds crazy, and it''s definitely one worth checking out.
By   - Part-time Shaman from Nowhere on 9/28/2015
very different and intriguing - I try it on every time I am in a shop and see it - it is unlike anything else on the shelves.
By   - govt worker from Abu Dhabi on 9/7/2015
This pretty much smelled like bug spray and paint to me. Must just be me and my chemistry bc everyone else seems to love it!
By   - from San Francisco on 8/19/2015
I had high hopes for this one it did not disappoint.I immediately noticed the ashiness of juniper, and as some have mentioned, wet earth. The black hemlock note is something I''ve smelled before in Ormonde Man, and recognized here as well. I didn''t notice a floral note at all, but I''ll try again.If a Druid could be made a fragrance, this would be it.
By  on 1/23/2015
I ordered a sample of Wode based on its intriguing description, and my interest in trying a variety of opium scents. I am SO glad this was my choice, because this is just a gorgeous one. The initial aroma is wet, cool and green, and over time the florals give this body I especially get tuberose and rose. This is not too spicy on me, and the muskleathersandalwood fuse so seamlessly that I would not be able to pick out a specific notes. I found myself unable to stop smelling my wrists all night. A gorgeous, androgynous nighttime scent, both comforting and sexy. I am definitely considering investing in the whole bottle. You must try it!
By  on 1/16/2015
I purchased a few samples of this lovely parfum back in late summer ''13. I was deeply intrigued by the description and Luckyscent''s scoop. My intuition told me this would be a scent that I will fall in love with and absolutely adore. Then I received it, and my intuition was spot on. I fell madly in love with it. It''s magical and ethereal. It has metaphysical-like qualities that I look for in a perfume, and can be so hard to find. I always feel like I''ve been whisked away to a foreign land in another realm.Sadly, "life" happened, and I became busy and distracted and though I adored this perfume, once I ran out I didn''t purchase anymore. Between a few moves and keeping busy, I had forgotten about some of the samples I purchased last year. Then I came on Luckyscent to purchase a few samples, and saw this one listed as a favorite. I immediately went to see if I had any of my samples left. It had been so long since I experienced it. Much to my surprise I still had a couple drops left. Ahh... bliss. Pure bliss. Magic in a vial.I will be purchasing a bottle soon. This is definitely one of my favorite parfums. Love, love, love.
By   - Student from Nor Cal on 8/13/2014
Used to essential oils I applied a tad too much and experienced that "marinated in perfume" sense for a while, but 8 hours later I am INTOXICATED with the scent!! Oh my..... the tones on my skin are a musky leather-like amber with the faintest floral overtones! It''s earthy and sensual and reminds me of midnight walks through the magnolia trees after a thunderstorm in Virginia! It really does go through an array of fragrances as it blends with your skin and personal musk. It''s fabulous, nymph-like! I accidentally spilled a drop of Lavendualla over the wode while taking a sniff and I like the combination so much I might have to wear it more often!
By   - from southwest colorado on 10/15/2010
Fa Bu Lous. on so many levels. wish it were cheaper, I''d give it as gifts.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
A very intriguing incense fragrance with an Old Soul aura. Opens with green transparent incense woods that smells like freshly cut lumber or fallen trees deep in the forest. On top of the incense green is a resinous frankincenseleather note with a bit of musk which adds a nice presence of mankind. Another dimension at the drydown is a sweet soft of tonka that almost makes it too sweet and civilized. This is a well blended and mysterious incense fragrance. One of the best I''ve smelled.
By   - Art perpetrator from the anonymous southern midwest on 3/19/2009
Starts very green, like being slapped in the face with a wet branch, then grows into something softer and citrusier. Drydown is really sumptious and it stays complex, and truly unisex. Fresh, sharp, less cologney with time.
By   - writer from chicago on 2/17/2009
Amazing scent. Cannot live without it. Next level from Molecule 1 and 2.
By   - from NYC on 2/12/2009
For my skin, this is positively the best green scent I have found so far. The opener was a bit jarring and just OK and I didn''t expect to like it, but as it wore on and melded with my skin I found it to be both odd and extremely beautiful. **If department store perfumes smelled this good I could save myself a small fortune.
By   - lighting tech from Lost Angeles on 2/4/2009
Wode''s a rare beauty. Warm, earthy, sultry, invigorating. It does smell like wet stone intially, but after a little while warm sensual amber and animalic notes meld with refreshing green notes that does make one think of a wild eyed fierce warrior woman, the musky warmth of her skin hot from battle and the scent of the forest where she''s been fighting. This one may be a little too androgynous for an everyday scent but definitely something to kept in my scent wardrobe.
By  on 12/1/2008
Whoa. This one is very nice. Exotic and pulls no punches.
By   - from Eyota on 11/28/2008
It is an incredible scent. An innovative scent. A scent so incredibly true to the work they create. Intensely emotive,strong,romantic,refined and subversively imposing. i have never smelled anything like it.
By  on 11/15/2008
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