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Possibly the sweetest, most honey-drenched tobacco scent I’ve tried, and not one for close quarters (or, rather, everything is close quarters with this one). That said, this is a beauty -- a truly rich, amber tobacco at the heart of things, with lots of sweetness (including jasmine) up top and a terrific frankincense-vanilla drydown. Fancy.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/5/2019
"Pour me a stiff one, bartender!" Boozy notes prevail. Described as "sweet and spicy," it is decidedly more sweet, as if extra dollops of honey were added to bourbon and tobacco leaves were combined with simple syrup.
By   - Educator from Dallas, Texas on 10/7/2018
From the description, I thought I would swoon for this one but it's too cloying and the notes are muddied somewhat. I am a big fan of amber absolute but this one is not as pleasing. I do get the Drew Estate tobacco smell for sure but it's not as good. I can't put my finger on what makes all these individual notes NOT work but somehow they don't seem to blend right on my skin. You should try it for sure and see how you like it. I didn't love it but could be perfect for the right person.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 3/22/2018
Very overwhelming. First it reminded me of something I couldn't quite pinpoint. Then it occurred to me that it smells like church. When I asked my husband of what this scent reminds him, he was spot-on. This smells like buddhist temple incense. Very very strong smell of incense.
By   - Operations Director from Bethesda, MD on 3/5/2016
Holy amber smoke! This is a little overwhelming. Seems very sweet, as well, making it very cloying. I would go into further detail, but nothing else happens, other than softening a bit through the dry down. Not my cup, but to each their own. Pass and thumbs down.
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 12/23/2015
It has been a few years since I smoked Cigars. But this sample smells just like the Drew Estate "Acid Cigar" Blue. They came in a variety of scents: Blue, Yellow and Red as I recall but I "think" this one smells like the Blue one. It opens kind of sweet and stays pretty much Blue Acid Cigar from there. It has good longevity since I caught a whiff of it after my shower the next morning. Five star for unique composition and personally pleasing scent.
By   - Scent searching  from louisville on 11/18/2015
I agree wholeheartedly with the previous review of Ryder. I would also add that this is very much a unisex fragrance, and works magically on my male skin. Definitely FBW.
By   - Retired from the South on 11/6/2015
I would say that this rivals even Amber Absolute for best amber ever. It has the same deep rich amber note that grows stronger throughout the dry down. That amazing base is then layered over with sweet pipe tobacco, frankincense, woods, and a boozy vanilla. Absolutely breathtaking! In my top 3 perfumes ever. Love it so much I just got myself a full bottle for my birthday. Sillage and longevity are outstanding! I'm going to be enjoying this beauty all winter long.
By   - perfume enthusiast from California on 11/5/2015
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