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She Came to Stay

Eau de Parfum

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Less the Louvre and more le Jardin du Luxembourg, and I suspect de Beauvoir would appreciate that. This is a very appealing cedar-centered production, and yes it does seem to change its character from application to application. Pretty consistently I get a bright and clever basil-and-geranium moment up top (with lemon checking in less consistently); the cedar invariably comes up sooner than I expect, but that may be a slight misread on my part of the less-sharp-than-usual clove in the heart. This is, by the way, an above-average showcase for oakmoss, one of those base notes that seems to be everywhere but usually just fills out a space.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/3/2017
This is delicious! Comfy and sexy both. Has a resinous-sweet top that reminds me of a high-quality root beer, but with an earthiness throughout. It settles into the kind of oakmoss-patchouli accord that makes scents like Polo, Aramis, and Bois d'Ombrie so appealing to me, though still with a playful spiciness dancing through it. I'd say most people would call it more masculine than unisex, but I'd be happy to wear it too (as I am with Bois d'Ombrie, for example).
By   - from Seattle on 5/16/2015
Skanky lady and realistic. Starts of quite bright, becomes softer but shows good stability with its' olfactory image. It is so realistic, I start to wonder at the idea of wearing this ? ! Maintains a Linear image with time - good Longevity - Medium Think Jimi Hendrix, Sexy Lady.
By   - Acoustics from Sydney Australia on 5/16/2015
I wanted to love it. I didn't. It is not the first time I have scratched my head over the rave review and write up given by Luckyscent. I do agree that it is complex and that it evolves into three distinctly different scents from application to full dry down. Appropriate to the woman who inspired it, this scent is not the least bit girlie and is definitely unisex. But, at least on me, it is just a hair too masculine. I think I might love it on the right man - but never on me. Good sillage, but in a market filled with gifted and inspired blending, this one is just not that special.
By   - writer from los angeles on 5/11/2015
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