African Leather

Eau de Parfum

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A spicy oriental with sweet leather, wood, and incense. Very evocative of the past. I made a note in my perfume journal when I first tried it (and before reading any reviews)- "This is the English Patient in a bottle. Reminds me of the pillow talk scene when they listen to a Hungarian song." If you scroll down you can see that Vendredi in Atlanta had the EXACT SAME movie scene association with this perfume. How often does that happen? If you love spicy, incensey perfumes and/or the works of Michael Ondaatje, you should try this one.
By   - Student from NYC on 10/15/2019
I don’t quite get some of the other comments on here. For me, this is literally heaven in a scent. It is anything but linear. It lasts long - 8+ hours. All of it’s phases are absolutely glorious. It is seductive, addictive, alluring, sweet, leathery, creamy, musky and spicy. I cannot get enough of this juice. It is my niche replacement for La Nuit L’homme. It’s better but it has some similarities. I just cannot iterate how great this stuff is.
By   - Project manager from Chicago on 5/8/2019
flawless scent! smooth and rounded, no sharp edges...exotic and warm and a little mysterious...
By   - hospitality worker from bermagui, australia on 1/21/2017
An exquisite dark, aromatic leather. Exotic balsams, woods and non-sweet spices impeccably support a beautiful, dark leather. One wouldn't call it a "dirty" leather, because it has been blended in such a way that the whole scent rings clear as a bell... no fusty notes cloud its gorgeous, seamless leather. Exceptionally well-blended, it does a sophisticated, flawless "dance" on your skin: From opening tanginess to warm, purring drydown, it is gracious to the letter. Very highly recommended.
By   - artist and musician from boerne, tx on 8/17/2016
To me, this is a very refined, exquisite and sweet leathe . Very nice.
By   - FOH food service from Saint Louis on 6/7/2016
I can still smell it on my watchband; like a combination of Santal 33 and Lady Vengeance... A bit strong, good sillage, but a little too sweet for me. I keep picturing the scene in the English Patient when they listen to the record in bed. Very evocative.
By   - Wardrobe Stylist from Atlanta on 4/21/2016
Two terms you don't normally get to apply to leather fragrances -- juicy and dusty. The cumin, saffron, and cardamom have clearly been carried in this marvelous leather satchel for some distance across a warm region and are much happier for the experience, as the wearer will be upon receipt. Gorgeous.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/20/2016
I was enamored from the first whiff! But wished the magic could have lasted longer. Don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent fragrance, it just delivers everything it has right from the get go. There is a brightness brought on by the bergamot and sat geranium. The saffron, cumin and cardamom add a cooking/edible spiciness, and underneath it all, an animalic leather mixed with creamy woods and patchouli. I’m on the fence with this one, but I like it quite a bit! Thumbs up.
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 12/26/2015
I'm not skilled at describing or reviewing scents...but I can say with confidence that if L`Air du Desert Marocain and Terre d'Hermes had a child this would be it
By   - GBH from Lancaster on 12/24/2015
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