Bruno Acampora

Musc Gold Extrait

Parfum Extrait

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Here the original Acampora musk aura, with its nutmeg-spicy, nigh-kitcheny warmth and wonderfully "concave" mushroom mystery, is leavened by a singing, nostalgic, pleasantly soapy neroli, and a subtly aromatic, cleansing lavender. Understatement and intimacy is still very much the watchword here, as with the other Acampora musc formulations. Meant to be worn as an alluringly kind "second skin" you wished bedsheets and flannel shirts always smelled of. Gorgeous, eminently natural-smelling. The delicate lean towards the masculine is deft, subtle.
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 10/21/2018
so good , extra mushrooms ! , it is really quite lovely and on my to buy list as of now !
By   - independent  from mexico city on 7/4/2018
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