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Thank you Yvettra, you and Steve rock!!
By   - Scent Bar Rat from LA on 10/23/2013
Forgot to mention that the ylang ylang in this is very present and has a cooling, mellowing effect on the jasmine, which can, at times be a bit high pitched and 'screechy'. This is such a beautiful, well balanced blend. All these fragrances have a very uncompromised feel, like you are getting perfumes from a by gone era when chemicals did not comprise the bulk of a perfume. Very beautiful!
By  on 2/2/2013
This line of fragrances has been a joy to explore and Jasmin a delight. I usually can't wear jasmine (or tuberose) but this is just stunning. Smells very natural and is heavy on the indoles which I particularly enjoy. I may even layer some Untitled No. 8 for even more of a wallop. Extremely intense and very, very longlasting and my skin usually kills scent. This review is of the oil. Beautiful!
By  on 1/29/2013
I love this scent soooo much. When I first tried it I did not like it much. But today I just can't stop smelling myslef it's getting awkward since I'm at work. i tried Lust from lush and did not like it at aaaaaaaaaalll which is sad since I really like Jasmine perfume. Today I used Fancy fox from lush and put on lots of coconut deoderant powder also from lush and the smallest amount of this perfume on my neck and wrists and the smell is amazing. I put it on at 6 in the morning and now its 1 in the afternoon and it still smells amazing. I just wish I didnt have to pay broker fees on top of custom fees, other wise I would order the perfume oil and the hair and body shampoo in the same scent right NOW!
By   - Office Admin from Ottawa on 12/21/2011
It's jasmine yes, an awesome, incredibly pure jasmine (with a good dose of ylang ylang thrown in), but also (at least on me) has a darker/earthier side reminiscent of warm leather, tack, horses, and a roll in the hay on a warm summer night with the man of your dreams. Magical, breathtaking, fantasy-inspiring, like most of the others in this series (but all totally unique).
By   - from Uzes, France on 10/26/2009
A real gem of jasmin which outdoes SL A la nuit and even breathtakingly beautiful Sarrasins. It is truly a perfection!
By   - from Taipei on 10/3/2009
I am not a fan of jasmin. The only jasmine scent I adored in the past was SL Sarrasins but now I can definitely say I LOVE this after sampling this glorious scent. It is amazing!
By   - from Taipei on 9/23/2009
I found this very heavy & extremely indolic, like a hippie perfume oil, you'd have to be very brave to wear this for a first date! There's a hint of frangipani, spicy stems & leaves, eventually softening into ylang ylang with a little gardenia. I like it as a bedtime comfort scent, but I'm not sure a man would. If you like florals but don't want them too powerful, I'd go for Blu over this one. If you want a fresh, true jasmine, go for the Montale. Try before you buy!
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
After reading all the incredible reviews, I was hooked .... that is on getting a sample and thank God I only got a sample. This is the most disgusting Jasmin I've ever sampled in my life. I thought it would get better with the dry down and waited a full 20 minutes before the migraine started. It was over to the sink for a thorough scrubbing to get this stuff off my skin.
By  on 7/11/2009
This is the finest, most realistic and pure jasmine fragrance. And it lasts all day on me...which is very rare. A+!
By  on 7/11/2009
All I can say is this BREATHTAKING-SPLENDID-MAGICAL and just plain PERFECTION. I thought that nothing could be better then Serge Lutens A La Nuit. But I was so wrong. This fragrance is perfect in so many ways, I don't have enough room to write how much I adore this beauty. It's worth every single hard earned penny. It's one AMAZING-EXTRAORDINARY scent. I want to bathe in it.
By   - from Long Island on 2/9/2009
I am in love. This scent is magical! This has all the elements of jasmine that I love, the sensuality, the mystery, passion, and femininity, but without the artificial aftermath I often get with jasmine scents. Finally, after years of searching, I think I found my signature scent.
By   - Respiratory Therapist from Paradise Valley on 11/28/2008
I thought Montale's Jasmin Full was the most perfect white flower fragrance ever, but Bruno's Jasmin beats the best. It has so many elements of the frest flower! And it does not morph into anything yucky, even after hours. I put fragrances on my clothing and in my hair, to keep the scents more pure, and it works. Skin has a way of reacting that hair and fabric won't do.
By   - from Tampa, Florida on 6/25/2008
SEXY SEXY SEXY!!! My husband LOOOOO VES this perfume on me so much and can't stop smelling it on me! My chemistry really goes perfectly with it and it is the best perfume I have ever tried and worth every Penny. He bought me a bottle for our Anniversary and said, "Now what can I get you?" ;-)
By   - from NY on 3/19/2008
AMAZING!! I feel like I've been swept away in a field of Jasmine flowers. Unbelievable! There is no fake scent to this at all. This is a beautiful romantic Spring/Summer scent and well worth the money!! And the description is right that a little goes a long way for sure.
By   - from NYC on 3/18/2008
I am a long time fan of Jasmine and have tried them all....believe me when I say ALL. This is the very best one I have ever tried. It is a work of art. It wraps you in seduction and holds you for hours. It doesn't let go until the wee hours of the next morning. You won't be reapplying it endlessly, and it has many nuances instead of one plain Jasmine scent. You will as the song says, "Feel like a woman."
By   - Distribution Rep from Augusta, GA on 11/8/2007
This is indeed the best jasmine I've ever smelled, sweet and long-lasting, not at all indolic like some jasmines can be.
By   - from San Diego on 8/27/2007
I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E, the Jasmine I have been searching for!!!!!! I have been searching everywhere for a genuine jasmine that's concentrated enough to last more than a half hour, and this is the only jasmine that doesn't boil away into a ghostly memory on me. So gorgeous, long-lasting, I didn't think it was out there. One warning: this truly is extremely concentrated, do not use on sensitive areas of your skin. I have sensitive skin anyway, but I had a mild reaction when I applied on my neck; I can wear it on my wrists just fine. You would be wise to dilute...this nectar is for real. One bottle could last a lifetime of wear as a signature scent. Definitely worth the money, even for the expensive sample. If you like jasmine in any way, shape, or form, you can't let this pass you by!! ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY GO TO THIS LITTLE FIND!!!
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 6/24/2007
I have never spent this much on a perfume, but after getting the sample I had to splurge! The most beautiful Jasmin ever...
By   - Admin Asst from Mpls on 5/30/2007
I can not imagine anything more perfect and beautiful. Or more concentrated. I can see why the booklet tells how to dilute it to an EdP!
By  on 5/25/2007
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