Ruby Extrait

Parfum Extrait

by Bruno Acampora

Ruby Extrait Sizes Available:
30ml $160
0.7ml sample $8
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Update: Loads of dk chocolates (very realistic interpretation), a whiff of rose in the background (quietly remains in my skin), 5 minutes later... I get cherry-liscious scent, & dry down is a beautiful musky pink chocolates. Very realistic frag to appreciate. Salute to Bruno Acampora!
By   - N/A from Newcastle on 10/22/2018
OMG! Just watch Tommelisse on YouTube ... Her awesome olfactory reactions (in a very energetic way) when reviewing this perfume gave me the courage to buy this chocolatey parfum. Tommelisse really went gaga on this parfum!
By   - N/A from Newcastle on 10/16/2018
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