Bruno Acampora

Ruby Extrait

Parfum Extrait

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First of all, this fragrance will last on my skin FOREVER. Amazing longevity. The chocolate comes across slightly dusty, something off about it. The berries and rose mix together and kind of just give it a "tang". The dusty chocolate and tangy notes combined with musk is just a no from me. I don't dislike this fragrance, I just don't want to smell like it. It's not for me.
By   - Femme Fatale from Auckland on 5/14/2019
Update: Loads of dk chocolates (very realistic interpretation), a whiff of rose in the background (quietly remains in my skin), 5 minutes later... I get cherry-liscious scent, & dry down is a beautiful musky pink chocolates. Very realistic frag to appreciate. Salute to Bruno Acampora!
By   - N/A from Newcastle on 10/22/2018
OMG! Just watch Tommelisse on YouTube ... Her awesome olfactory reactions (in a very energetic way) when reviewing this perfume gave me the courage to buy this chocolatey parfum. Tommelisse really went gaga on this parfum!
By   - N/A from Newcastle on 10/16/2018
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