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This is one of those scents that truly gets better—gets amazing—with time. I tried a sample of the spray but didn’t think it was anything spectacular. I placed an order with Luckyscent for something else, and needed to spend another $10 to use the free shipping code. I figured why not spend the $10 (a lot for a sample) on this? Give the oil a try. It is such an incredible musk. Different than any other. Just amazing. Try a sample, and give it an hour. And then another. You’ll see. It just gets better and better and such a small amount really goes a long way (thankfully). Now I just need to drop even more money to get that full bottle ugggghhh. At least I’ll get free shipping ;) And I will smell so so so so good. Worth it.
By   - Full time working Mom  from Palm Beach County on 1/30/2019
This oil is simply addictive. I decided I cannot live without it . It has mystery . Give it time to open up - it can be a kinda acquired taste but once you get it, it's LIFE ! The oil is smoother than the Extrait with less emphasis on the spicy beginning . I have drier skin as well so I prefer an oil . Low projection but a v satisfying aura .
By   - Sniffer of Fine Perfume from CA on 10/24/2018
This is an earthy and sexy perfume oil, the perfume equivalent of forest bathing. I get compliments from people when I wear it-- the most recent compliment was that i smell like a spa, did i just have a treatment at the spa? This oil does not project, but it does linger close to the skin, so people who get close can catch a wiff. I feel like it seems more hypoallergenic than other perfumes that I have worn, I don't sneeze with it nor does anyone else. first i tried the small sample, which lasted quite a long while. I found this was a perfume that i wanted to wear for myself, to bed, in addition to wearing it out during the day and evening. This scent ripens on the skin, so don't judge it too quickly when you first put it on.
By   - artist from Los Angeles on 7/30/2018
Sexiest warm scent of all time.
By   - Creative from NYC on 6/23/2018
Addicted. I gave this two very thorough samplings and I cannot wait to buy a full sized bottle. I was skeptical about oil because I wasn't sure if I'd metabolize it too quickly. I get very little floral or vanilla with this Musc which is fantastic because I was afraid it'd smell sweet or dessert-like on me. The oil is extremely concentrated which is amazing because this will wear on you for an entire day. Throughout the day, I could smell a very comforting familiar scent wafting up to my nose. It reminds me of childhood snuggles, cuddling with a boyfriend, road trips to the UP in Michigan. How is a scent that I've never worn before making me so nostalgic. That is the magic of perfume.
By   - adtech from los angeles, ca on 11/28/2017
This is a divine musk! On me it opens with that fresh out of the shower smell, so similar to Irish Spring soap plus a nice earthy musk. It feels a bit more masculine than feminine, however, I still enjoy how it smells. After about 3-4 hrs the Irish Spring effect fades some but the overall impression is still about the same. Silage is quite strong, and lasting power is good too, 6-9hrs I'd say with just a tiny dab of the oil. I put this on my husband and it smelled divine on him. I think I liked it better on him than I do on myself actually. It's amazing on him! So maybe not full bottle worthy for ME, but I would say FB worthy for the hubby. Good quality ingredients, and blended beautifully. Highly recommend.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 7/20/2017
I absolutely love the scent and I am drawn to perfumes that are subtle and seductive in nature. I have noticed when I have this perfume oil on I am constantly asked what is that beautiful smell? A few of my friends have tried it all of them have loved it but it is smell differently on all of us This leads me to believe it's probably one of those fragrances that many people can wear. I wear it during the day and in the evening both It is a very clean smell but a very seductive one I buy the small samples because I find that they oxidize less and then I do not have oxidized large amounts of oil instead I have little tiny fresh bottles of the oil
By   - RN from Cincinnati on 2/16/2017
The scent takes a certain type a person, entirely unique and indescribable
By   - Sales from East Coast on 5/26/2016
Of the three editions of this Musc, the perfume oil is by far the best. It has the staying power, the sweetness and complexity I had expected from the other two formulas. And I don't mean sweetness in a girly way. The perfume sprays do not do this fragrance justice, so if you want to buy Musc, invest in this oil. Having said that, do not expect this to project. Again, expect longevity, but know it's very much a personal thing. This is very much for the gal or guy who are quite shy about fragrance, but long to have those in his or her inner circle who come close and or swoop in for their hugs. They will cling just a little bit longer and appreciate one's good taste. This IS a musk, not a patchouli.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 5/12/2015
clean and almost soapy, something I wasn't expecting at all. I definitely smell the florals and the sandalwood. it's very nice and attractive. definitely a unisex scent.
By  on 4/19/2015
Well, this one is lost on me - I can't figure out what all the fuss is about. On me it's pretty, but doesn't last. I much prefer a funkier, skankier musk scent.
By   - from Pittsburgh, PA on 3/19/2015
I got this oil in January 2013 and love it, one day, I dropped it all over myself by accident and was extremely upset because is so expensive, order the EDP and love it too, but the oil is sweeter and stays long on the skin, I just order another oil bottle and is us$50 more expensive than the last time, but I love it so much I could not help, it's my favourite perfume in the world.
By   - from timaru on 9/11/2014
Don't go with your first impressions of this amazing fragrance. The mushroomy top note dissipates quickly and then its spicy, gorgeous warm muskiness takes over. i am SUPER picky about perfume and I am madly, madly in love with this scent! I adore how strangely natural it smells--like spicy, sun-heated musky roots and leaves. I'm on my second (pricey!) vial of this delicious stuff and have even ordered the spray perfume from the Bruno Acampora website in Italy. Eeek--I am totally hooked!!
By   - professor from san francisco on 1/2/2012
I usually am not a fan of Musc, but I do like earthy, spicy & woodsy scents (my usual is H&G Geste & Heeley Cardinal), I visited scentbar in West Hollywood and after a prompting by Rachael, I tried it. At first, I was not sure but after 20 min I am in love- it was difficult for me to drive because I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist- I've ordered a bottle, too bad it is out of stock until end of July but worth the wait! Well worth the price
By   - from Beverly Hills on 7/10/2011
10 billion stars. I never, ever, ever, EVER want to be without this scent. I'm seriously considering buying a lifetime supply of it, these little phials can be my future daughter's inheritance. It appears pricey but the tiniest of dabs will keep me smelling like heaven all day and the results are WELL worth it. I daresay it smells best at the 5-6 hour mark when it's really melted into my skin and just wafts off me like a cloud of nirvana. I'm telling you. This stuff makes people go haywire nuts - men and women alike (but especially men). It's better than pheromones, if you catch my drift. When I wear this people flock to me, entranced. I wear it when I mean business. It's my secret weapon. It should be a controlled substance. I can't say enough about it, so I'll just shut up. But man, is this stuff good.
By   - from Brooklyn on 7/20/2010
For anyone who is familiar with genuine musk (black, red or white), this will come across as light, clean, mildly powdery with a whisper of animalistic hedonism permeating through its nearly aquatic base. However, for all those who have never been exposed to real Kasturi musk, this scent will seem inevitably thick, dirty, very musky and, yes, at times even mushroomy. Having said all that, I really encourage you to try at least a sample of this stuff, as it is one of the finest examples of spectacularly blended commercially available musk.
By   - designer from chicago on 11/27/2009
Didn't like it at all, not for me. Very masculine. Scent lasted all day. The bottle and cork was messy.
By   - Physical Therapy Assistant from San Antonio TX on 5/8/2009
OMG--this stuff is hideous. It smells like moldy cheese. Thank goodness that I ordered a sample. Bad, bad, bad.
By   - Bureaucrat from Washington, DC on 11/6/2008
Smells very much like Mure et Musc, but this lasts much longer than Mure et Musc does on me.
By  on 10/27/2008
The oddest fragrance - at first it smells like mushrooms (dark, dank dirty) on me. Later I get the musc but it takes hours and hours. Its hard to get past the initial boggy mushroom scent to get to the good stuff.
By  on 9/15/2008
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