Azzurro di Capri Extrait

Parfum Extrait

by Bruno Acampora

Azzurro di Capri Extrait Sizes Available:
30ml $160
0.7ml sample $8
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Wearing this I can picture myself back in Capri’s Piazzetta for the relaxed nightly ceremony of a pre-dinner drink on one of those evenings when the air is softer than satin. As is known to perfumistas, this time of day is referred to as the blue hour (which by the way Tennessee Williams noted in his Memoirs (1975) is “so flattering to blonds”). Like Capri itself, this fragrance is casual extravagance. I don''t really know whether the perfume references the ravishing sky that bends over Capri or the island''s famed Grotta Azzurra (or Blue Grotto) . As for the latter, Twain wrote, "Let a man jump in, and instantly he is cased in an armor more gorgeous than ever kingly Crusader wore." For a similar effect, try two spritzes of Azzurro di Capri.
By   - practicing generalist from NY/DC on 5/22/2017
I just received some samples of perfumes with Orange Blossom. I have been in love with Jo Malones Orange Blossom and looking for something similar . Out of ten samples with this as a top note I was blown away with this pick. Its just amazing! More sensual, fresh and everything I have been searching for. If you love Orange Blossom you won''t be disappointed.
By   - Queen  from Mesa, Arizona on 1/26/2017
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