Bruno Acampora

Musc Extrait

Extrait de Parfum

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I absolutely LOVE this version of Musc . It has a certain quality about it that is addictive - sniffable and is more than the sum total of its parts . It reminds me of that elusive smell of Kiehl's Body Wash , as it lathers up .I have been trying to find a scent that can replicate that clean/not so clean musk scent. Kiehl's EDT does not do it. Musc by Acampora does . Signature scent worthy - expensive but comparable to Guerlain extrait prices at 30 mls but Musc Extrait 50 mls. So think about that.
By   - PerfumeAddict from LA on 9/27/2018
This is a great , unique Musc like no other. It's moist and earthy and natural , I love wearing it on the days I don't really want to smell like perfume. Smells like fresh bedsheets , window left open , the dampness of fresh moist air coming into your bedroom . Compared to the silver spray this is a little stronger. I assume it's just between the oil and the spray as far as strength goes. I wish it was a little more noticeable to others. To me it's a scent I wear and love for my own pleasure. It's sexy !
By   - Housewife from London on 4/24/2015
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