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I'm very disappointed with whole line, but this one is just litlle better than others.. Nothing special and just like other Bruno Acampora parfumes, - too heavy.
By   - artist from NY on 11/24/2010
This isn't as strong on me as I expected from reading other reviews, it's a soft, fresh, flowery tuberose; a little powdery, a little musky, with a touch of creamy gardenia not unlike Monyette. The mellowness lingers for a good 3 hours, but I had to use a lot to get the powerfulness I like, so I can't justify the expense, so I'll stick with Monyette. I'm daunted by the blue colour as well, I wouldn't want to get it on my clothes!
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
This is a beautiful scent but it's not a completely tuberose fragrance. The ylang ylang really comes forth in this and brings the headiness down a notch and also the scent itself. Still gorgeous though ,long lasting and quite unique with the blue disappearing act.
By   - from CA on 8/26/2009
I've tried numerous tuberose scents trying (in vain) to find one I could stand. I long ago came to the conclusion that tuberose is not for me and on my skin it's pure NASTY. It was then that I gave up my quest. But....god! I am a sucker for anything from, about, or inspired by the greatest place in the world: CAPRI. And...well...anything colored blue. So, I tried Blu....Im not surprised that I didnt care for it.....but I was surprised that I found this to be the most repulsive tuberose fragerance I have ever encountered. I have never gotten a 'fragrance headache' even from a fragrance that I didn't care for, but Blu not only gave me a headache, it made me intensely nauseous! I get the feeling that it's because this is straight up, no nonsense, not for the faint at heart tuberose. A tuberose fan would probably be in love. If you're like me and haven't acquired a taste for tuberose, keep may ruin you... I couldn't wear perfume for a week. I will still give this a 3 *** though. I'm very certain that tuberose fans will find it beautiful.
By   - from Chicago on 2/15/2009
I ordered a sample of this and have been using it for-get this a year!--It's that concentrated-when I ordered the sample it WAS NOT $175-ok? Now, I am not usually a fan of flowery (tuberose) but I love the woodsy aspect after the dry down-it is magnificent! I will maybe own this one day but until then I will just have another sample for $8--Love you Luckyscent! This reminds me of a boutique oil that I used in the late 70's that was $25 for like an oz-which was outrageous for my budget then-but was a necessity for certain occasions.
By   - from Austin,TX on 10/19/2008
One of the truest tuberose scents I've ever encountered, and believe me, I've been looking for years. However, with my chemistry, this had no staying power at all, so can't justify paying the price.
By   - Cook from S. Chicago on 9/30/2008
Big lovely floral opening; reminds me of a brassier, almost tangier Fracas, probably due to the ylang ylang. When it dries down it backs off the floral a bit, moves through a bit of powdery floral (I don’t get the orange much), and finishes with something muskier that is probably sandalwood but isn’t a straightforward sandalwood if so. I get musk and honey in the drydown more than wood. I found I liked the jasmine oil by Acampora much better because it had more floral staying power and didn’t transition to this earthier, woodier finish. If you’re looking for a straight up floral, try that one instead.
By   - from Boston on 8/4/2008
"Pure, bell-like" - this is an accurate description of Blu. I just love this. It's pure tuberose but it manages not to be heavy or cloying. Beautiful.
By   - grad student from Montreal on 12/21/2007
I'm a big tuberose fan so I was really looking forward to sampling this after reading all the 5-star comments. Now that I've tried it I'm very disappointed. There's a strong spicy sweet incense smell to it which is a bit overpowering. It might be the sandalwood. Don't think I'll be ordering the full size, which isn't a bad thing given the price.
By   - from England on 11/19/2007
I found this fragrance to be one of the two favorites of the collection of samples I tried. I planted the old fashioned single and double tuberoses in my 20's and this fragrance smelled very much true to the flowers I remember. Tuberose is a heavy, sweet scent and not for the faint of heart so for you girls who like to smell like laundry detergent and soap, run from this one. For the brave of heart who want to be femme fatale then go for it. It is extremely long lasting.
By   - Distribution Rep from Augusta, GA on 11/8/2007
I am a huge fan of the tuberose flower itself, but I have never been a fan of it in fragrance until yesterday, when I tried Blu! It is the truest rendition of the flower and finally makes me want to wear it on my own skin. The blue color is intriguing as well, and makes it's mark for just a moment, enough to add to the experience of applying it -- so 70's! At first I thought I had simply become a tuberose convert, but I've retried a couple of others in the last few days, and it's clear that I'm only a Blu Convert! Bravo Bruno, for using other essences simply to bring out the true nature of tuberose, instead of trying to soften it's impact as most others do.
By   - Designer from los angeles on 8/28/2007
This is probably for tuberose fanatics only. I wouldn't say I dislike tuberose, but this was so intensely cloying that I had to scrub it off almost immediately. Maybe it dries down to something nicer, but I couldn't wait that long!
By   - illustrator from Canada on 8/19/2007
Tuberose fans, this is your holy grail. You won't find a richer, truer, creamier rendition anywhere else --so three-dimensional it's like biting into the flower's heart instead of just sniffing the petals. Tinted the deep aquamarine of the sea of Capri, and it goes on a rather frightening inky blue, but as the fragrance melts into your skin, so does the color. (I wouldn't be so rash as to apply it on my clothes, though.) The other notes listed don't surface at all, to my nose. From beginning to end, all I get is tuberose absolute. This baby makes all other pretenders seem pale and watery by comparison. Those not afraid of this "aggressive" flower (as Acampora himself puts it) will have quite a tool of seduction in their hands.
By   - journalist from Manila on 7/15/2007
Blu is pure tuberose. Any of the other notes listed are so complementary that I couldn't detect them at all. If you are a fan of tuberose, you have to try this, it is flawless and singular. I like tuberose, but I'm not the biggest fan, so I give it a 4. If you're into tuberose, you will go nuts over this, it lasts forever! It's very concentrated, as all of these fragrances are, so a tiny touch will envelop you in this high-quality beauty. Be careful, these perfume essences are very strong and can irritate sensitive skin, so don't ruin your experience by testing more than the tiniest touch. This tuberose is very feminine, creamy yet clean. And the unique blue color is spectacular as well. Is it worth the price? If tuberose is your favorite, you'll own this for sure. If not, the sample will last quite a while anyhow. Try the whole line and order the sample pack, these fragrances are classic, long-lasting, high-quality, and quite simply, art in a vial.
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 7/1/2007
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