Perfume Oil

by Bruno Acampora

Bianco Sizes Available:
10ml $200
0.2ml sample $8
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I am surprised that there are no reviews on this perfume on LuckyScent! And thank you so much to LuckyScent for offering the sample set gratis with purchase. This was the fragrance that I was determined to have. I wanted to smell a "modern" fragrance from this house as I had tried the Musc perfume spray and found it, um, lacking. But Bianco is a whole ''nother matter. This begins so lovely. The blend of the florals, the hint of fruit, the musky backdrop, and the clean purity almost drove me mad! I got depressed thinking I could never afford this except sample by sample. However, after about 45 minutes this morphed into a serious powdery soap bomb ON ME. I don''t know what this will do on anyone else, but the barest hint of tonka and musk clung for dear life underneath the aforementioned. I know why it was named "Bianco" because in my mind I saw luxurious white sheets gently waving in a breeze from afar. Sheets that were perfumed as elegant bed linen should be. If I had not had my nose crammed down my shirt constantly sniffing, I would not have had the sinus issues that ensued.I sample perfumes on my chest beneath a shirt to get the full experience of how my heat and chemistry directs a fragrance. And I love to have my clothing absorb fragrance to extend pleasure as long as possible. As well, I did not understand the strength of just one or two dabs of Bruno oils. I dabbed too generously. I can only give it four stars because to me it is not perfection, but it is very, very close for a sophisticated and clean floral. Please do sample this gem.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 5/12/2015
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