Perfume Oil

by Bruno Acampora

Seplasia Sizes Available:
10ml $200
0.2ml sample $8
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Was surprised to find so many negativelukewarm reviews of this lovely scent, since I think it is the most beautiful fragrance in the Acampora line. As the oil melts into the skin, it radiates into an iridescent portrait of sun-filled gardens by a cerulean sea. An absolute mood-lifter, especially on a dark dreary winter day.
By   - ATTORNEY from New York on 3/22/2016
At first, I get a fresh tuberose with a bit of green and I can smell the "Babe" another reviewer commented on. But soon, I smell quite a bit of "Estee" with a "White Linen" sharp note. Later, too much Estee on the sillage. If I put my nose to my skin I can smell the sandalwood. On the skin it really is beautiful but no one, including me, is going to smell that part of the fragrance. Its not me.
By   - Massage Therapist from Chicago on 12/15/2012
I apologize everybody the review under this one was for Prima T. sorry everybody i have not tried the Splesia
By   - Any from Any on 4/13/2011
The scent was like powdery old ladys perfume, i would imagine that the people at Bruno Acampora would have more imagination in creating a scent to present in this limited line. I was not impressed, and still i waited to see if the drydown would develop into something nice or wonderful but no. This combination of oils didn''t work out, for me atleast.
By   - Any from Any on 4/13/2011
Hate it.
By   - artist from NY on 11/24/2010
none of these impressed me. basic.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
Wow! I am surprised - I''d expected this to be over-hyped and over-priced, but this is a rather delicious creamy (but not cloying) white floral. It does start out a little green, but the tuberose tempered by narcissus predominates, and then a little violet joins in later. I will definitely consider buying the sample set as a result of this lovely surprise.
By   - Administration from UK on 9/10/2008
I had a different experience with this one than most commenters. I didn''t get tuberose at all (especially not in comparison with Blu, the main tuberose scent in this line). Seplasia started off on me with a powder-tinged rose and violet combination that smelled fresh but not creamy or tropical like tuberose. It dried down to a subtle sandalwood with floral hints, after a lovely violet middle. Not my thing but a pretty scent.
By   - from Charlottesville on 8/25/2008
This opens with a heavy tuberosejasmine combo, but within 20 minutes they''ve faded and blended nicely with the rose and sandalwood and the patchouli and vetiver give it a subtle spice. When I first put it on I didn''t think I could wear it, since I don''t care for strong jasmine and or tuberose, but wait for the drydown!
By   - film editor from NYC on 2/23/2008
Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful perfume!! Too bad that I have the body chemistry of a black hole and this georgeous scent completely dissapears within an hour from my skin... Sooo dissapointing since I loved this!
By   - from Alexandria, VA on 2/7/2008
This is like a perfume oil version of Carthusia''s Fiori di Capri - a wonderfully blended floral where no single note stands out. Smells like flowers in the hot sun.
By   - from San Diego on 8/27/2007
Love, love,love this fragrance! It reminds me of Babe by Faberge from the seventies. I have been looking for a substitute for it. This is it, albeit a much more refined Babe! Very clean and soft.
By  on 7/19/2007
I am intrigued by the post below, because in my opinion, it shows that fragrances really morph with your personal chemistry. On me, Seplasia started out with tuberose as the main note, which really stood out all through the drydown. It is a lush tuberose, but not quite creamy, because the other florals balance it into more of a tropical garden floral scent. I wouldn''t go as far as to say this scent is herbal on me, it has a subtle sweetness and after it dries down, the florals complement eachother and I can''t pick out individual notes, either. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Monyette Paris, not because it smells the same, but because I think it would appeal to people looking for lush floral scents. One other thing: if you are sampling this or any other Bruno Acampora fragrance, only use a tiny tiny dab! It is so super-concentrated that it will ruin the scent if it is too strong, and it can even irritate and burn your skin. The vial contains quite a few more uses than you would expect due to this factor. Enjoy!!! And post your opinions!!!
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 7/10/2007
Starts off very herbal, then slowly turns into a very expensive shampoo smell. Seplasia is so complex and panoramic that I can''t pick out any of the individual notes. It is Acampora''s omniscent, containing notes from every single fragrance category, though at heart it is a very lush, somewhat sweet floral. It''s a fitting tribute to Acampora''s hometown, because wearing it is like sitting in the middle of a romantic Italian garden, smelling the earth, flowers, leaves and air of Capri.
By  on 7/9/2007
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